Playin Soccer: [FULL STREAM] Final training session before Barça-Valencia

Awesome Tip: [FULL STREAM] Final training session before Barça-Valencia

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  1. ياحلاتهم لاعبين البرشا ❤️❤️❤️ انشاءالله دائما فايزين واحنا معاكم في كل وقت {تحيا البرشا تحيا البلاوغرانا}

  2. It's time to make Barcelona great again!!!

  3. I hope Messi will be back soon to play UCL Lionel I miss and I love you please resume soon

  4. NoMESSI

  5. Messi miss so much can't wait to

  6. We need 3 pointe to night guys please

  7. Suarez back

  8. برشلونة وبس

  9. Suarez back ❤️

  10. Players are only super star but coach is not fit for them to coach… Change the coach… Come back Luis Enrique…

  11. Apakah messi main

  12. Valverde out like hurry the fuck up

  13. Valverde out

  14. Good luck barca team

  15. Neto and Suarez are back messi is still not

  16. Perez should not be play from starting he is so selfish if he gave passed the ball that moment game is over but he didn't passed to griezmann that's why only one point he is very selfish for last match

  17. When can messi join his teammates in the training?

  18. Messi?

  19. Valverdeeeeeee i hate uuuu

  20. k. Mbappe for next transfer season# hope

  21. Hi come me canal

  22. At this rate of pulling his shorts up next practice Pique will be training in speedos

  23. Soy el único que alucina con la preparación física de los jugadores? Saltan al campo y el calentamiento que hacen es un mal chiste, además, cada uno va a su bola…soy graduado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte y es increíble que un equipo top mundial como el Barcelona tenga esta preparación. Fuera Valverde y su equipo técnico ya! es evidente que los jugadores se auto-gestionan ellos.

  24. I love Barcelona for life

  25. Vraiment aujourd'hui je suis en retard

  26. Messi

  27. Valverde out

  28. I like it suarez performace

  29. normmater we lose barca motto

  30. How com back messi

  31. No messi !!!!!

  32. Velverde is a fuking bitch

  33. Messi

  34. We need to win

  35. Valverde Tf Out

  36. Vamos

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