Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | De Jong & Valverde's press conference ahead of Barça-Borussia Dortmund

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | De Jong & Valverde's press conference ahead of Barça-Borussia Dortmund

De Jong & Valverde’s press conference ahead of Barça-Borussia Dortmund UEFA Champions League game at Camp Nou (matchday 5, season 2019/20)


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    Where is coutinho and malcom and rafinha . the some thing is going to happen to Arthur .if Barcelona don't suck valverde . because valverde don't like Brazil players

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    We don't need valverde anymore .bye bye

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    What happened to Arthur . valverde don't like Brazil players .

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    Barcelona coach does not like Brazil players . Barcelona coach is not working good. bye bye to bad coach valverde ..we don't need you in Barcelona anymore .bye bye

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    Vidal out
    Griezmann out
    Umtiti out

  7. valvere out.

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    i have just one think to say:

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    Valverde out…

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    Valverde Out!

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    Ándate Valverde por favor. Tener respeto a todos los fans del barca. Forca barca !!!!!!

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    Just a few months and he already understand Spanish

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    Valverde stay

    Miles away from barcelona! please

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    Valvarde out

  16. Reply

    Valverde out

  17. Reply

    Valvert out please

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    De Jong is our future captain

  19. Reply

    Valverde out.

  20. Reply

    Valverde OUT, thankyou

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    Valverde sucks

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    valverde outtttttt

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    Valverde out

  24. Reply

    Valverde out

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    welcome to the 'valverde out club' comments section

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    Valverde out Barcelona

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    Valverde out!!!!

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    Valverde out

  29. Reply

    Valverde out

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    Vete tio

  31. # ValverdeOut

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    Valvedre out

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    Valverde GTFO!!!!

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    Valverde out

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    Valverdi out

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    muy mala la traduccion sobre lo que habla no se entiende nada , ni en español ni en ingles

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