Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | Antoine Griezmann's presentation at Camp Nou

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | Antoine Griezmann's presentation at Camp Nou

📲 Follow Griezmann’s presentation at the Camp Nou!
🤙 Sigue la presentación de Griezmann en directo en el Camp Nou
🤩 Segueix la presentació de Griezmann en directe al Camp Nou

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    Hay me acuerdo de ese momento

  2. Reply

    the day his career died

  3. Reply

    what a flop…

    for now, Im sure he will improve soon

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    Vamos griezman

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    griezmann no lo hizo tan bien esta temporada, pero fue más por Messi que no le pasaba balones y su nueva posición, pero en la siguiente temporada creo que si se va a recuperar

  7. ⬆️Griezmann

  8. Reply

    I am a big fan of Antoine Griezmaan

  9. Reply

    Who's here after coronavirus lockdown

  10. Reply

    49:25 Mía dice Koke está solito

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    1 Griezmann = 1000 Hazard

  12. I want to get in touch with you to register at The Lamasia Academy

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    I love it!!!!

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    does anyone know which sneakers he is wearing? at 11:40

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    Antoine Griezmann I wish that you could be Barca’s number 7 because you’re are so great attacking football you and Messi, Neymar Jr, and Suarez will connect with each other I love you guys at Barcelona make it to the champions league final But I’m a United fan but I hope Man U will beat Barca in the champions League Semifinals I love Man U My Favorite team in Europe and then I hope Man U will beat real in the UCL But Barcelona is my second Favorite team in Europe I want Man U to win UCL in 2020/2021 Season common Man U common the biggest club in the world but I wish the best for Barcelona common Barcelona common 2nd best team in the world win la Liga win la Liga I wan United to win in the premier league to qualify for champions league with Ole Gunnar Solskjær I’m a man utd fan common common legends like Roy keane paul scholes York and cole Beckham and Butt and Juan Sebastian Vernon and Japp Stam and Laurent blanc and Giggs and Rooney I still love Barcelona I wish the best for Barcelona and hit the like button if you agree with me and hits dislike if you don’t agree with me ok comment next time

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    I love your hair

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    bartomeu out

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    Hazard presentation was on another level

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    signor grizmann

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    Someone can help me? What jacket are dressing Griezmann during the presentation?

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