Playin Soccer: Full squad returns to training ahead of derby against Espanyol

Awesome Tip: Full squad returns to training ahead of derby against Espanyol

After the winter break, Barça’s full squad was back on the training pitch for the first time in the build up to Saturday’s Barcelona derby against Espanyol.

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  1. Reply
  2. Reply

    Dude where the heck is Malcom

  3. Reply

    Dude Jordan alba and pique and Vidal nice skills

  4. Reply

    Pique and vidal and messi

  5. Reply

    Nice skills

  6. Reply

    god this is completely different compared to the new training sessions under Setien

  7. Reply

    Came here after seeing quique setien's first training video. Huge difference of levels. Under Valverde all we see is jogging pointlessly and rondos. Under quique every drill is with the ball because Barcelona players have to be really comfortable with the ball.

  8. Reply

    valverde is no good for trainee the player they look like teeneger they get inger very isee …

  9. Reply

    Like = Messi
    Comment = Ronaldo

  10. Reply

    FC Barcelona

  11. Reply

    They finally add a good background music.

  12. Reply

    2-2 iam sad

  13. Reply

    I wish they were this happy playing with the ball in the games as in the practice

  14. Reply

    1° Valverde FUERA DE IMEDIATO, 2° Busquet, 3° Rakitic y el Barcelona volvera a ganar, BNC VS ESPANOL 2-2 una vergüenza

  15. Reply

    Jangan kasih editan music si biar keliatan suara pemain gitu lho

  16. Reply



    • Luke
    • February 12, 2021

    wtf are those background soungs tho

  18. Reply

    Barcelona is the best

  19. Reply

    Why only Messi wears green?

  20. Reply

    My team is winning today. By 3-0

  21. Reply

    I love to see that Griezmann is getting along well with his new team.

  22. Reply

    لينيل ميسي mese

  23. Reply

    Why is messi wearing green kit

  24. Reply

    2:15 the way Messi analysing

  25. Reply

    That is why Messi is Messi…

  26. Reply

    taruhan semakin seru dengan QQhokibola

  27. Reply

    Will it be a repeat of leganes? It may be Espanyol but it's still a road game…

  28. Reply

    Barca… Barca.. Barca

    • YKH
    • February 12, 2021

    And a shout-out to De Jong's epic nutmeg at 1:18, which for some reason no one is praising even though it was great (especially b/c he did it to Pique), and the professional players who witnessed it clearly thought the same?

  29. Reply

    seeing how this barca squad is making rhythem better so others team wont touch the ball but im giving credit to valverde for his ability of playing defensive football

  30. Reply

    Big grizzy & Messi

  31. Reply

    Vamos barça visça barça

  32. Reply


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  34. Reply

    Algun dua

  35. Reply


    Mes que un club

  36. Reply

    I love you messi and barce

  37. Reply


  38. Reply

    Varverde out Bartomeu out Rosell out

  39. Reply

    Wague is really good!

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