Playin Soccer: Full Professional Pre-Match Dynamic Warm Up

Awesome Tip: Full Professional Pre-Match Dynamic Warm Up

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  1. And this is how you ensure you don’t pull a hamstring like coach javi.

  2. Full video I focused the red jacket one.

  3. Lol I had to watch this video for school

  4. Thx sir now I will do that with my team

  5. Great vid thanks for the info

  6. The guy in red looks like he's never done a warmup before

  7. What do you think of improve your soccer skills with Episoketren System? I see lots of people keep on speaking about Episoketren System.

  8. 1.Hi coach i hope you reply this.I am overweight.Can i be a pro footballer?

  9. Hey Coach javi I’m zabayo from Lansing, can u help me

  10. Love it man! Huge to expose this and give context.

  11. Cool

  12. isn't the hand rotations banned?

  13. I like this! Feel like you pretty much hit every muscle.

  14. Cheers Coach Javi, Ill use this before games on my road to pro on my channel

  15. I am a new football/soccer YouTube please consider wachting my videos and maybe subscribing

  16. First viewer

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