Playin Soccer: Full Professional Footballer Partner Training Drills

Awesome Tip: Full Professional Footballer Partner Training Drills

If you want the Replay Station, Please use my link as it helps the channel!

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    In case anyone wants to buy the Replay Station, please use my link as it helps the channel! https://www.quickplaysport.us/#a_aid=CoachJavi

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    Where can i get a rebounder like that?

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    That camo jacket is so sick, when will it be available?

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    For the drills where you receive the ball, then control the ball on the ground before passing it back, do you think it would be better to only take 2 touches and trap the ball as you pass it back to play quicker with fewer touches? Like trap/pass the ball as it comes down?

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    Coach Javi losing in the first video of 2021…

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    is it just me or are coach javis videos just so satisfying to watch

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