Playin Soccer: FULL MATCH: Villarreal 4 – 4 Barça (2019) EIGHT goals! A red card!! Injury time drama!!! 🤪

Awesome Tip: FULL MATCH: Villarreal 4 – 4 Barça (2019) EIGHT goals! A red card!! Injury time drama!!! 🤪

Sit back and enjoy one of the most dramatic Barça matches in recent years with the Blaugranas’ eight-goal thriller away at Villarreal last season! You don’t be able to take your eyes off it for a minute!


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  1. what a shitty commentary! my ears are bleeding

  2. This match prove that they have a match with FC Barcelona the king of comeback

  3. Мессиииии

  4. Messi Suarez Is Fire

  5. Nice game ansu fati

  6. it could have been any other commentator

  7. Gquhahhdgha

  8. This commentator is so so bad man. Spoils it all up xD

  9. 最後の5分くらいがドラマすぎる。リアルタイムで観てた時はこりゃ負けたって思ってたし。本当2点差は何があるかわからない

    • ANi
    • February 15, 2021

    Poor Malcolm

  10. ビジャレアル大好き

  11. Barça = Barcelona = Catalunya = España = Español

  12. 1:40:22 “swarez, swarez, swarez” haha

  13. Epic!!!

  14. Couldn't you change commentary please?

  15. 1:37 A lo que vinieron

  16. This commentator sucks

  17. Back in the day, when Villareal scored the fourth, I turned the tv Off. Kkkk

  18. I cannot figure out why we let Malcom go. A player who played with heart.

  19. Barcelona vs manchester united ucl final wembley

  20. 1:30:41 they thought they're gonna win it lmaooo

  21. Deberían darle una oportunidad a griezmann
    El es un jugador completo y lo dejaran ir, por alguien que los traicionó como es el caso de neymar

  22. Por favor vean esto

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