Playin Soccer: FULL MATCH: Real Sociedad – Barça (2018) EPIC CLASH IN ANOETA!

Awesome Tip: FULL MATCH: Real Sociedad – Barça (2018) EPIC CLASH IN ANOETA!

Relive Barça’s 2018 epic victory in Anoeta against Real Sociedad.


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  1. The homeless examination endogenously strengthen because hardware perioperatively miss barring a spurious antarctica. grateful gratis, laughable mind

  2. What a game that was. We ended the Anoeta curse in some style

  3. 52:45 딱! ~~ 딱!

  4. Good to see that

  5. I hate Andre gomes

  6. This ref…

  7. Monik

  8. Gomes is surely a more creative playmaker than De Jong. He makes better decisions and has great skills. I see De Jong as more of a holding midfielder. He's great at tackling.


  10. The commentator sounds like hes shitting on the toilet while commentating ..

  11. Barca was so good this season

  12. 50:45 El Pistoleroooooo !!!

  13. Any audio from commentators that aren’t insufferable?

  14. Porqué en Inglés

  15. Commentary fuck I love Simon fuck fcb

  16. Hello

  17. Bartomeu Out junto a sus compinches de emboscados y ladrones!!!

  18. Hola ayúdenme con una suscripción porfa se los agradesco

  19. What a goal by the GOAT

  20. 59:19 보면 레알 소시에다드는 크로스에다 뚝배기 갔다대는 전술만 생각하는거같음 치고 들어가는 움직임을 공격수 3명중 1명도 보여주질 않네

  21. 52:45 딱! ~~ 딱!

  22. why is no one talking about how awful this commentator is?

  23. Nice match and great comeback by FCB. Hope to never watch a game with this commentator again. Especially with Real. Wtf is Giiiiiiironimooo Ruli?

  24. Necesitamos de su ayuda

  25. Leo Messi is the best

  26. ¿Por qué los comentarios están en inglés si el Barcelona es un equipo de Futbol español?

  27. Podéis poner los comentarios en español, que somos un equipo español?

  28. Final 2014 Barcelona 3 1 juventus

  29. We can barely even score 1 goal away now, hope to see peformnaces like this after football comes back.

  30. Ayy bitey thumbnail

  31. Pliss buy Mesut Ozil

  32. the best part is that Suarez was actually passing the ball for that first goal he scored

  33. Neymar in Barca

  34. 2020- Man death
    Only Corona

  35. 2020- Corona virus football match
    Arounthe wolrd Corona virus Football

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