Playin Soccer: FULL MATCH: Real Madrid – Barça (2015) Thriller in El Clásico!

Awesome Tip: FULL MATCH: Real Madrid – Barça (2015) Thriller in El Clásico!

Barça travelled to the Bernabéu for the first Clásico of the 2015/16 season as treble winners. The Blaugranas faced a huge test from a Madrid side eager to put the visitors in their place. Luis Enrique’s side were inspired however, and delivered Real Madrid their biggest home defeat in #ElClásico since the famous 6-2 in 2009!


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  6. How I wish I could go back to 2008/09

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    • February 13, 2021

    Stream this Please, FCB vs PSG 6-1

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  13. This game was one of the best games that barcelona did , i love the way neymar lead the time to the victory

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  15. Back when Barca pressured after losing possession

  16. Scary how Messi aint startin

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  18. the good old times when var wasnt a thing and goals werent disallowed becouse the player was 1 mm in offside

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  24. When Barca terrified Europe clubs

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  29. Como me alegro de que Messi se valla este año del Barcelona

  30. ¡Visca Barça!

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  35. I'm sorry, but Sergio Ramos, is a dirty ass player. He represents everything that is ugly in football, and he can go straight to mediocrity. Just like Pepe. All they know is dirty tactics. Do not like.

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