Relive Quique Setien’s debut on the Barça bench back in January this season with a Barça 1-0 Granada.


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  1. GET IN THE MOOD with the special COACH CAM video from that day. A close following of one of the most special days in Quique Setién's life: https://youtu.be/fDpTX1X9PXA

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  4. Hola goal Messi

  5. Aaaaaaaaaa

  6. I am a first big fan of Messi

  7. Messi I like you

  8. What do you mean the yellow car is post to be red car not yellow well you’ll

  9. I don’t know winning

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  11. bylem na tym meczu

  12. Griezman desde la temporada pasada no aporto nada al Barca , y eso es lo que mas le falta al Barca es un 9 .. y Que terminen la jugada , Ya que Les pesa el Pie al disparar a muchos . Y darle mas minutos a Pjanic y ver que puede dar en el Centro del Campo , y Hoy se vio claramente que Messi no puede ser un 9 o falso 9 ya que choca mucho con coutinho , y lo mejor seria mandar a Messi ala derecha y dejar a coutinho hacer su futbol crear ocasiones de gol como lo viene haciendo ..

  13. Who is hear after sacking setein

  14. I was at this game. Was good to get the win againt a stubborn granada

  15. 23:17 look at number 31 play that at 2x speed
    ooh i feel sorry man that must have hurt

  16. It was a little bit Messy with Messi Who is this tool on commentary

  17. Why did we go away from this type of football It didn’t last long Was it the players Was it Bartemou?

    • Y Nhu
    • February 15, 2021

    Hlv mới dúp baca thi đấu rấn kết lại rất nhìu

  18. Puig had a great game and he deserve more chances in the first team.

  19. 12:25 that's the problem there was space available for fati he should have came to recieve the ball he was not even seeing roberto just running blindsided towards the wing , they should learn how to expliot spaces because they are getting too much predictable just back passing and side passing nobody making moves to exploit or to create spaces for other player

  20. Leo Messi is the best

  21. Se escribe Granada, no Granda y el Granada jugó mejor ese partido

  22. the day I had hope

  23. فنون لعب شراك باغي

  24. اي شابغت دروك عندي انا ⁦ԅ( ͒ ۝ ͒ )ᕤ⁩

  25. ڤراناد و فلادوليد رانا صيمين و رانا نشمو في ريحا اكل و غسل سنيك و ڤول تشافو رانا كما رانا

  26. كلشي طفا فا دوار هذيك هدرا تاع يبدو و مغنيا

  27. this commentator is soooooo fucking terrible…. sorry FC Barcelona but where did you find this guy and who hired him??? A commentator on the official channel who cant even pronounce THE BARCA PLAYERS'S names… Cant remember their numbers and makes so many mistakes on commenting .

  28. lo unico bueno la presión alta de riqui Puig

  29. Thanks to Vidal, riqui Puig's and Messi for the goal

  30. Leo Messi is the best

  31. همزين فازلبرشلونة

  32. I Love You FC Barcelona

  33. Me chanel pleasse

  34. Leo Messi -The King

  35. Elclasico 2020 please

    • S D
    • February 15, 2021

    1:16:04 important moment of the match

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