Playin Soccer: FULL MATCH: Barça 5 – 2 Real Betis (2019) Five star performance lights up the Camp Nou!

Awesome Tip: FULL MATCH: Barça 5 – 2 Real Betis (2019) Five star performance lights up the Camp Nou!

Summer signing Antoine Griezmann dazzled the Camp Nou at the start of the 2019/20 season with two goals and an assist in this five-goal thriller against Real Betis!


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    The guarded intestine philosophically guard because wood strangely join at a wasteful pilot. clean, economic wall

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    Today jajaja

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    antoine griezmann is best in the world

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    Hi,Micheal Jackson

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    griezmann ❤️

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    Barça no começo dessa temporada jogando mal demais!

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    Cometery fuck

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    The new players without Messi on the pitch play better. Seems like they get nervous when he's around and they dont want to mess up so they look for Messi a lot. Barcas president has to get players that can create around Messi and without him so Messi isn't the only one creating for the new players. Neymar didn't depend on Messi when he was there that's why Messi didn't feel the pressure that he had to do most of the work cause the MSN was unstoppable.

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    8:40 now that's what i call football the Barcelona way❤

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    ¿Por qué decían que el equipo de Valverde jugaba mal? Aquí yo veo al Barça de posesión, toque y espectáculo de siempre. La cosa es lo mental…

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    El ecbarcelona es un buen equipo soy un gran fan del aquí lo si lo mira messi saludos de su fan guatemalteco

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    The commenter sounds like stewy griffin

    • AJ
    • February 15, 2021

    Tiki taka 8:408:50

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    Give us vs bayern muncih ucl 14/15

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    18:22 pique is behind the header. why the F()*^ does he say pique against bartra………

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    What is this commentary?

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    griezmann is best

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    Bartomeu y sus compinches OUT!!!

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    Worse player in the world,Messi

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    No hay partidos con relatos en Catalán o en español
    Otra vez con lo mismo

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    Gran partido del Barcelona esa fecha sin Messi ni Suárez visça barça

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    no wonder why Barca sell Rafinha. he missed a lot chance to score even he in good position.

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