Playin Soccer: FULL MATCH: BARÇA 5-0 MADRID (2010) 👋

Awesome Tip: FULL MATCH: BARÇA 5-0 MADRID (2010) 👋

Relive the insane Barça 5-0 Madrid at Camp Nou from 2010 with Guardiola & Mourinho on the benches. The rest is history. SUBSCRIBE NOW:

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  1. This was beautiful time. Probably the best time for football of all times.

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  4. this game and the 3-1 against United…. you can't play better football

  5. Barca was clearly the better team. Well deserved. However there are a few things to mention Guardiola throwing the ball away from Ronaldo was a bitch move. A manager should show some fair play. 3rd goal was offside Also it was a clear penalty not given when Valdez came too late and only hit Ronaldo. Ramos being Ramos, this guy is a psychopath. I don't know why he never got banned for long.

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    • Boss
    • February 13, 2021

    8-2 tho lmao

  7. GOALS

    13:51 XAVI 1-0

    22:10 PEDRO 2-0

    1:02:10 VILLA 3-0

    1:04:45 VILLA 4-0

    1:38:15 JEFFREN 5-0

  8. woooooo

  9. e o placere sa revad meciurile Barcelonei!

  10. Thanks Mourinho for making the rivalry heated up on pitch again. Almost cost Spain Euro 2012

  11. Ramos is a disgrace to football

  12. horrible commentator.

  13. The greatest of all time game, I can watch it 1 million x

  14. I Love FC Barcelona

  15. trop bon ce match

  16. good messi…..good player

  17. La mejor cátedra de fútbol de mundo.

  18. Barcelona is the best

  19. Rip tito

  20. Good video highlight

  21. Who is here in 2021? Those were the golden days of Barcelona. Perfect team! Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Dani Alves, David Villa, Valdes <3 The end of an era. The team is completely destroyed now.

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    • P G.N
    • February 13, 2021

    Xavi's goal is soo underrated. It wasn't just luck

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