Playin Soccer: Full Individual Training Session – Football/Soccer Drills

Awesome Tip: Full Individual Training Session – Football/Soccer Drills

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  1. Reply

    Coach Javi and the training sessions are backkkkk!

  2. Reply

    What boots do you use?

  3. Reply

    Nice work coach! Keep up the great work!

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    WooHoo!! Great stuffs, Coach! More for the “Arsenal”… I’d love to see some individual defensive drills. I’m training several defenders right now. We do a lot of your ball control drills. I’ll look back at your old vlogs… Keep sending ‘em!!

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    What cleats are those mate they look nice

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    Love it man

  7. Reply

    The real work was put into those camera angles!

  8. Надо начинать учить английский!Ты красавчик!

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    Great training for midfielders and wingers I think

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    You are very good coach!

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    What boots are you wearing there bud ?

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    Ans If i dont have the material?

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    These are the best videos brotha! Love it. Keep em coming!

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    Wow its amazing…hard work…

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    that was good still

  16. Reply

    I have hung up the cleats already

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    First like

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    First like

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