Playin Soccer: Full Individual Session – Soccer Drills For Strikers and Center Mids!

Awesome Tip: Full Individual Session – Soccer Drills For Strikers and Center Mids!

Back with another session! The focus is on strikers and center mids, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t do it. I always base my sessions off of technical work and a lot of touches. It ended up being pretty high intensity as well. Enjoy!

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  1. CAN UU TRAIN ME !!!

  2. The only football coach

  3. thank you!

  4. Does Episoketren System (just google it) help me become a better player? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular training program.

  5. Hy am an attacker I find it very difficult to score goals need your help. What are the things I need to know, or do to make me score more goals ?

  6. Good job

  7. Cool vid bro!

  8. Looks a bit like tony Ferguson

  9. Im striker

  10. How many sets or reps on each one ?

  11. Im striker

  12. Coach Javi, love you channel. BTW- when you did the drills, you were not checking you shoulder 🙂

  13. You will see me holding the world cup

  14. I need Coach Javi so he could train me

  15. wooowww!!! Loved it !!

  16. Thanks u jb for ur video training I hope it will make me good to my position of striker

  17. Hii

  18. This guys left foot and right foot are both amazing is he ambidextrous

  19. Cheers mate, first season playing striker these are really hepful

  20. What is bounce back thing he’s got

  21. if interested found the re-bounder online for $297


  22. I need a copy of that secret book

  23. Great session! I tried this out except I only had a few cones and my balls, but it works fantastic! This really helped me become a better striker. Before this, I would score 1 goal a game and miss lots of shots, but after some of these sessions, I now score 2-3 goals per game and I don't miss many shots! Thanks, Coach Javi!

  24. What about defenders

  25. How come you didn't go pro?

  26. Was up coach nice video I just started my own soccer team Great videos enjoy watching them

  27. Really loving your videos! Trying to make those drills every day and mixed them up with others drills of yours vids and staying fit… saludos desde Ecuador

  28. Back at it with the awesome tutorials Coach Javi, thank you so much for making this video because I play ST and CM/CAM alot.

  29. genia entrenamiento

  30. Can you make a video about working on long passes?

  31. Coach Javi, I have 10 yr old daughter that is very good practice player. She hits top corner on all her shots, makes nice moves and dekes in practice than gets in the game and has a lot of troubles. She trains very hard but lacks aggression and foot speed. I have tried many different things with her but she still has trouble putting her practice form into games. Any recommendations? Im going to try to focus a lot more on one on one's getting her to try and take on the defender every chance she gets, and lots of sprinting and acceleration drills hoping this will help.

  32. hey how does one get attention of other coaches bec i want to get better

  33. Do you have any tips on how to get prepared for a big tournament?

  34. Definetely going to try out this drill but I'd like to know if you have made or will make any drills for wingers. Great drill though!

  35. Coach Javi, I was trying to find a video on your channel that has what kind of certification you have as a player or coach and couldn't find anything. I also saw one of you vlogs saying you were scouting and I was wondering if that was your job or what? I'm also confused on if you played in college and what level as well as if you coach a team. Thanks.

  36. I love watching all your videos it really helps me mainly because I want to go far with this dream of becoming a pro soccer player! Thank you

  37. Where are you located ?

  38. What kind of rebounder are you using and where can I get it?

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