Playin Soccer: Frenkie de Jong touches the ball for the first time at Camp Nou

Awesome Tip: Frenkie de Jong touches the ball for the first time at Camp Nou

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    todavia lo sigo viendo

  2. Reply

    Vamo porra, esse vai da bom kkkkk

  3. Reply

    Welcome to Barca

  4. Reply

    frenkieeeee :))

  5. Reply

    Look at the smile on his face when he is juggling

  6. Reply

    use this comment as a “Valverde Out” button

  7. Reply

    Wow dejong Barca polichu ❤love FCB

    • r
    • May 14, 2021

    Frenkie is a boss!!!!!

  8. Reply

    Frenkie is like a beautiful swan in the arena. Straight up, elegant, aware of everything that happens in front and behind, and always in charge. I really hope Suarez won’t bite him.

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    Beyler begeninde yabancılar bişey dediğimi sansın

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  11. Griezmann có sao kh

  12. Reply


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    Frankie is future

    • z s
    • May 14, 2021

    Good like… Çox Gözəl AZERBAYCAN

  14. Reply

    Strong confidence

  15. Reply

    De Jong is amazing. My name is Guilherme i'm brazilian

  16. Reply

    He looks like Tom Holland wearing the spiderman suit

  17. Reply

    De Jong: Nothing
    Crowd: Oiiiiiiii!

  18. Miessi

  19. Reply

    Se puede ver nomas lo crack que es… grande!

  20. Reply

    Lo mas triste de la situacion que llegan a otro equipo y no valen verga

  21. Tuyệt vời

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