Playin Soccer: Frenkie de Jong reacts to the new FC Barcelona second kit

Awesome Tip: Frenkie de Jong reacts to the new FC Barcelona second kit

The new midfielder discovered one of the shirts he’ll be wearing this season…
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  1. Reply

    it's great desgin

  2. Reply

    Honestamente los videos de Juventus son más cool. Miren en el Mathis de light. “Turn de light on” fue muy ingenioso mientras que estos videos están aburridos!

  3. Reply

    A great midfielder he is like a mixture xavi and Iniesta I hope he can fit in with barca and make them win a champions league

  4. Reply

    Valverde y bartomeu out !!!

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    The nember is?

  7. Reply

    sign Neymar

  8. Reply

    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out
    Valvarde out now

  9. Reply

    Now i want a black as the third one

  10. Reply

    Imagine this

    Neymar grizman . Messi


    De jong. Artur

    Alba. Umtiti. Pique. Samedo

    Ter stagen


  11. Reply

    Barca should be ashamed of making another one of those jerseys after what happened in the 2009 champions league semis

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    Tbh I don't like the kits we are getting this year.

  13. Reply

    Barca Barca barca

  14. Reply

    De dónde sacaron a ese jugador?

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    Not really a Barça fan, but I have to admit, seeing Frenkie on the field will be something more than worth seeing. Great job with the new kit as well, much better than the very intense color from last season tbh

    • XR
    • February 23, 2021

    Thats the kit the barca will bottle a 3-0 lead to atalana in UCL

  16. Reply

    Neymar go back to barca

  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    Should be the first kit

  19. Reply

    Por favor vender busquerts e rakitic eles tão velho e nc mais fais um bom jogo.
    uma duvida vocês sabe quando vai apresentar griezman.
    Não vender umtiti que vender contrata jogador mais jovens o barcelona quando assisto no 2 tempo morre porico que toma virada.

    Boa contratação de jong

  20. Reply

    Like valverde out
    Comment valverde stay

  21. Reply

    La prima credo sia un onore a Rakitic e la sua Croazia.

  22. Reply

    احنا عرب مظلومين ميصير تكتبون عربي

  23. Reply

    Can someone just throw valverde out that massive shit

    • Shaan
    • February 23, 2021

    1st one is like chessboard and childish.
    This 2nd one is truly lit and classy. If it isn't barca I would buy one no matter which team it is.
    First time praising any jersey of barca (hardcore real fan here).

  24. Reply

    cringy kit as usual

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