Playin Soccer: Four Simple Soccer Drills To Improve Finishing In Front of Goal!

Awesome Tip: Four Simple Soccer Drills To Improve Finishing In Front of Goal!

I found this session to be a good way to improve your finishing. We are working on some movement patterns in front of goal that will set us up to finish. Focus on your touch to set up as well as the decision wether to strike the ball for power or picking out the corners with a curler.

Reps are as follows (Do each amount with both feet)
Exercise 1: 10 Reps
Exercise 2: 5 Reps
Exercise 3: 7 Reps
Exercise 4: 10 reps

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  1. Hey guys, hope you like the session. Something simple, but effective! We are soooo close to 10,000. Let's get there by tomorrow! GIVEAWAY: Get your entries in! If you tag me on your IG make sure your profile is public! Got some good stuff coming. Very excited to share it with you all! Thanks again for all the support!

  2. Thanks for the tips- will be incorporating in to my teams practice tonight. Can you please also tell me the artist for the version of Latch that is playing?!

  3. 1:42, if i was the defender, then i would break you with that silly skill.
    be realistic in practise.

  4. How do I get a wall like that

  5. You should make a book out of your notebook of drills.

  6. Olympic park! I knew a couple of these session locations looked familiar. 5 minutes from mí casa!

  7. when you wanna tell Javi about ball control but then remember you're fifteen and he's the one that coaches a D1 team

  8. I have been watching your videos for two days straight now. Your video are very interesting and fundamental. Your players are very blessed to have a coach like you. You should put a video of what should a player should and shouldn't eat before a game and after a game. I see your all about offense but I want to see some defense drills.

  9. quality videos from a quality man. love this channel. crazy thing is that i have a dog named chico and my name is javier as well.. we live in a small world

  10. nice left

  11. Can you please tell your story of why playing professional soccer didn't work out? So it can help us out on some mistakes you've might've made

  12. Do people scout players from a club on a B team?

  13. The problem with you is that u dribble to much

  14. I'm in California. What state are you in so you can scout me?

  15. Coach javi i love your videos they are inspiring to me because as a club player i want to learn more ways to get better and your videos help me do that.thank you

  16. keep it up

  17. Hey coach could you do something that a center back or fullback could do look sharper in preseason?

  18. Yes coach please I'd like to know the name of the small black wall you hit the ball on before shooting

  19. Hey coach javi next year is gonna be my fresh men year and i really want to make it to varcity what advice would you give me ?

  20. I really like your videos, keep it up

  21. I wish I could train with coach javi a person could only dream

  22. Can u do a shooting video on how to curl the ball when shooting ?

  23. What college do you scout/coach for?

  24. Amazing Videos 🙂

    • Luke
    • February 2, 2021

    What's inside the magic journal. I'm a new subscriber. If it has your drills, you should sell or put it on a website/PDF file

  25. Omg I play soccer there for my club season this is crazy.

  26. Awesome video! And is that Olympic park??

  27. try out for the usl

  28. Your Videos are great but can you make some videos with equipment that we can find and use easily?

  29. Your videos are entertaining and informative! Keep them coming!

  30. great videos! Please keep them coming!

  31. As a high school varsity coach I have a lot of drills in my tool belt, but your videos give excellent variety and are extremely useful.  I have already implemented many in my summer workouts with my players to see which ones they take to and like the best.  You are doing great work.  Keep it up.

  32. Nonfiction squad?!

  33. Even Jimmy can make mistakes! Great session!

  34. First

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