Playin Soccer: Football Turns Tutorial!

Awesome Tip: Football Turns Tutorial!

Football Turns Tutorial! The best midfielders in the world use their dribbling to turn away from defenders. Learn how to turn like David Silva, Mata, and Iniesta!


Music: Aero Chord feat. DDARK – Shootin Stars [NCS Release]

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    I searched many videos but this is I want

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    Pogggbaaa skills pleaseee

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    Great video

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    Nudge most usefull to do stepovers

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    was that in apopka florida? field seems very familiar

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    Thanks dude, quite useful training way

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    You can use maradona spin if only one defender remains

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    Nice very useful

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    I have no football … so i dont practice … plz give me football any body …???

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    Plz upld all attack freekick and scoring goals.

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    1:32 that face

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    get me gift a football shoes for free please I am a poor

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    Thank you for this video

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    can you do a video on How to run faster

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    very good bro

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    I love doing this in games, it's is very humiliating for the defenders if they fail to defend this move it changes direction and gives you a lot of space and by turning your back to the defender gives you much more advantage now I see why players like Iniesta and xavi use this move

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    Lol get rekt

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    You guys are cool at soccer

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    I think it is really really useful skill. Iniesta and silva are the best master I think. Thanks for nice video. It is very helpful to me. I will use this skill in today football match. Thank you

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    Can you do the slide tackle pls??? And how/when to use in the right time? Thanks!

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    Can you do a long/high pass tutorial please?

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    No, you are awesome!

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    u guys r awsm u guys Rlly have 2 have a million subs

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    u need a million subs

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