Playin Soccer: Football Turns – First Touch | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: Football Turns – First Touch | Tutorial

Football Turns! We’re turning again, this time with our first touch!


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.


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    Nice one

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    Yay eeer

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    I wish coaches taught me this 30 years ago!

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    If you're up against a good defender, they won't dive in.

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    How to beat 2 or 3 defenders

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    Really OP technique, it can make a beginner look experienced. Thanks

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    hazard is the specialist

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    The best touch-turns are when you camouflage the touch until you're ready to accelerate in the direction you want. You want to wait with the touch until it's as close as you can handle. You also want to open your body into the space the defender is trying to cover. Whenever I do an outside touch, I always open my body up towards the space I don't want to move in, go low, "wait for the ball to get close (really just the moment it takes you to get lower center of gravity, this has to be timed well, and is the difficult part), and accelerate away in the same moment I touch it. Sometimes I also add in a shoulder drop, or double body feints, but this is usually just as effective. A variation on the "long body feint" is a short one, right before the ball gets to you, which is incredibly effective, but this is almost only effective with the inside touch, not with the outside (requires more preparation time). When I do an touch with the instep, I use this delayed, quick body feint more often than the slower shoulder and knee drop. Lethal. It sort of has the effect of a start-stop feint, gives you an extra meter instantly.

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    Where is zidane's turn ??

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    Great work ,Wat type of boot you use l mean the name of it

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    How to block a player

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    Awesome! Great video

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    What is the company of your football

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    also you can touch it with your heel. it looks so cool

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    how we learn first touch

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    Thanks this helped me realize my mistake

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    Can You Do An Air Sabina Tutorial

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    Thanks for video very good for me

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    this is son helpful to young stars

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    Bro,What is your name

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    this one, certainly with the Nudge-turns, is one of the most critical skill you have to develop for the matches
    don't skip this one, it's much more important that freestyle tricks (they usually don't help you win the match, obv rofl)

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    show us how to do tricks without hesitation

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    the music was can u tell me which instrumental music has been used

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    how run fast for kids can you please upload the vieideo

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    Your vids are great my 8 year old son is learning so much…also great editing!

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    great tutorial

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    Can u pls sub to me And I'll sub back to u

  29. easy to understand and practise…good tutorial…

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    school or soccer what I do?

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    you do a great job

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    Do more tricks I'm a 14 year old I'm going to 8th grade and I'm wanting to know how I can get better in soccer plz make a video of any other skill moves that you think it can help me I'm a forward and I'm wanting to know how to take on defenders

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    All of yours Video are perfect!!! Thank you!

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    Your channel is really great!, It helped me in a lot of ways! thank you so very much!

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    this is golden, much thanks!

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    why boot always same

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    could you do a tutorial on the dennis Bergkamp spin or turn plz

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    can you do a tutorial of skills which you do in starting of your video please!

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    great channel, all these videos are really helpfull.

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    thanks i won first place

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    Bad Bicycle Kick dude haha

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    that moment when you find the channel you've been searching for

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