Playin Soccer: Football/Soccer Training Drills – 5 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Technical Ability

Awesome Tip: Football/Soccer Training Drills – 5 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Technical Ability

Hey everyone! I’m back with a really simple session I did with one of the DCFC players. Let me know what kind of drills you want me to do and I’ll try to be a bit more consistent!

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    Hey guys, back at it again with a simple session. I really wanted to focus on the basics, but also incorporate a bit of movement after each pass. In a game, typically you will have to go into a new space after you’ve let go of the ball so I wanted to make sure Tommy made a movement even if it was just a few steps. Make sure you aren’t just watching the ball after you pass, and get into the habit of exploiting space immediately. Any questions, let me know down below.

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    how many reps would you recommend to do in each drills,(how many reps)

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    Hello,Javi,I'm a chinese soccer coach,I always study your drills for my kids,It 's very useful.Thank you show it's video.

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    nice vid, more please but without the music

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    Thanks for sharing, Coach! Excellent content!

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    What’s the name of this song? Sick workout song

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    I missed these :/

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    Really good session. I like the concept of a basic skill added with conditioning, ups the intensity. Good stuff as always. Curious if you chose these drills because you saw something in his game to improve. Keep the good stuff coming!

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    LOVE it!!! Glad to see these vids back in action! i like the variations added in from previous versions. Keep sending 'em!

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    I missed these. Please sir may i have some more

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    Good job coach

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    about time man, we have been waiting to see more videos for too long now…

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    This is the stuff that drew me to your channel. Trying to create sessions for my son to improve. Your training sessions were always well thought out and intense. My son really liked them and you can see the improvements in touch and fitness they brought about. Thanks Javi!

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    Man it’s great to see you uploading again i love your videos

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    Long time,these are gonna make mote views lets go

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    Javi issssssss back! Love all your content but as somoene who just started coaching and doing training sessions I really missed these training session videos! Keep it up coach

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