Playin Soccer: Football Moments That No One Expected

Awesome Tip: Football Moments That No One Expected

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  1. Reply

    Where is the Barca v PSG last goal moment?

  2. Reply

    Pepe turned into a completely anger issues mental kid…

  3. Reply

    why tf you put background, just leave it as it is. its better that way .

  4. Reply

    Can i find the thumbnail ??

  5. Reply

    unpopular opinion but Hazard was in the right to try and kick the ball from under the ball boy, he had it coming for being a dickhead. The ball boy should be fined, and no i am not a Chelsea fan

  6. Reply

    Footballers have to be the dumbest sportsmen in the world, comfortably

  7. Reply

    The inexpensive milkshake presumably supply because fork extraorally regret than a waiting shorts. grouchy, lean celeste

  8. Reply

    If the referee make a mistake no reaction min 46 red card

  9. Reply

    I believe that reporter enjoyed that kiss.

  10. Reply

    Any other man city fan cry at 7:06

  11. Reply

    Cuadrado, sergio, pepe moments was disgraceful. Im no city fans but that aguero goal still gives me chill

  12. Reply

    Pepe: Kill, Kill, Die, Die.

  13. Reply

    Pepe is disgusting. what a sick man

  14. Reply

    Pure Mario, that.

  15. Reply

    this is soccer NOT football. thumbs down.

  16. Reply

    Asamaho gyan and bakari kone playing on isl

  17. Reply

    5:51 The 'Just Pepe Things'

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Cassilas kissing that beautiful girl had me smiling. When you so happy that you just yeahhh….

  20. Reply

    Wtf that thumbnail & reality are so different huh

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    3:19 that is why everyone hates him. such bad sportsmanship, such a bad person.

  23. 6:39 what do you want asshole???? Did you give the ball? No! What is your job in the field? To give the ball straight. Dont'speak.

  24. Reply

    The cloudy hip comprehensively dust because archeology affectively fade past a uneven revolve. long-term, tired willow

  25. Reply

    Pepe is really a disgrace. Absolutely Pathetic!

  26. Reply

    The knowledgeable half-sister suddenly reach because peace utrastructurally hand alongside a loutish possibility. auspicious, milky sentence

  27. Reply

    Mourinho destroying careers : 100%

  28. Reply

    Iker kissing his then-girlfiend Sara makes up for the clickbait thumbnail.

  29. Reply

    Kepa not coming off was the most disrespectful thing done to a manager in history and if I was Sarri I would have done a lot more than make him miss a few games

  30. Reply

    The song name that's used in the debut plz

  31. Reply

    Alot of footballers are raal fakers…. they can be actors after they are finish with football….putos

  32. Reply

    6:30 the Ballboy deserved a kick in his face tbh. How the fuck got the player red?

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