This Wednesday morning the first-team returned to training, those players who participated in the game did some post-match recovery work, while the rest trained on pitch two of the Ciutat Esportiva.


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  1. Buenas regtes


  3. Koeman , play 3 CB

  4. I hope they read all you guys comment

  5. Everybody needs some motivation

    • M O
    • February 9, 2021

    I guarantee you the people who run this youtube channel have no standing at the club. They keep fans engaged. Its pointless to make requests like "please play puig" coz even if they read it, they can't make koeman change his game plans. Wake up people

  6. Stop do idiot moves in team and give all to take back guardiola pleaseeeee

  7. The more we ignore la masia the more we lose

  8. Latihan terus menang kagak

  9. Focus turns to: Losing another League game

  10. messi has Grizman (£120m) Continho (£125) Dembele (£146) while Ronaldo has Morata(loan) and Chiesa (Loan) yet Barca dogs still see Messi as the Goat

  11. Maintane our lose!!!!!
    comone we can lose!!!

  12. Sign Haaland, a leftback, a center back and a qualty fast winger!

  13. Confidence and trust one another is the only thing the players need.. the players are too discourage, even messi looks desperate and frustrated to score a goal. They consider it to be so hard to score a goal, meanwhile they only need to plan strategies, and not doing meaningless pass that nobody dare to start the attack. Before you start the attack or shoot the ball, you will never get a goal, thats where your problem exists. If theres too many people in the penalty box, drag them out, plan the strategy and keep calm but not slow, act fast if there is a chance. If u r in the counter attack situations play fast but not reckless, it is the best chance to get a score. But you guys are too lazy to play fast, nobody run, just pass after pass lose the ball pass again wtf. How on earth you gonna get a score playing like this??? THINK WITH YOUR BRAIN, NOT ONLY ACT WITH YOUR SKILL. This is what i called a garbage football strategy. Even me can do better.

  14. വല്ലതും നടക്കോ

  15. Forza juve and CR7️⃣

  16. Team is letting messi down.

  17. pls barcelona improve i hate seeing my team that I have supported all these years go into shits like this

  18. Busi out,alba out, griezman or coutincho out.. Sign a center back, left back and a centre forward(goal machine)

  19. A way to save barca……in my opinion…dont hate plss 1- Sell the either Phillipe Coutinho , Antoine Griezmann …..imo both because they r playing as the same position as messi and all of them cant play together. 2- quit relying on elder players like busquests and pique …. give young talents chance now or players of same age with better form now…… like wijnaldum 3- possibly buy a classic no 9 like haaland if affordable or else buy the youngster darwin nunez ……. 4- of course defenders …..garcia mainly . 5- swich messi position to a CAM permanantly . 6- Sadly u might hate me for it but change the captain….Messi needs to focus more on the game than the players. Thats it ….pls let me know if im wrong and where……..and a last option sell messi.

  20. Why barcalona are always focus on ball possession..scoring the goal is more important than these all fucking possession

  21. Don't make us laugh..barca is no more.. Messi you were right.. Go elsewhere.. Don't go to psg..

  22. Don't get lost in sadness from the match againts juve. Just repair the weakness

  23. 1/8 ldc: FCB 0- 10 XXX

    • YKH
    • February 9, 2021

    It's nice to see Busquets' lovely little passes. Missed him vs. Juventus, though I know he needs the break.

  24. Always practice But always loose what happened to Barca Nowadays

  25. 2021-22 WE WILL PLAY UEL SURE

  26. Focused on la Liga, but in 2nd Division.
    See you in the hell, Barcelona.

  27. The last Laliga twentyone degradasi yes Fc barcelona

  28. Juventus tactically outplayed Barcelona. The current formation has not worked for Barca from the beginning apart from a few games. It needs to change. The coach needs to change. The current playing style of Barca needs to change. Koeman told he wants to build a team around Messi and here we see only Messi taking a majority of the shots and no support. Oh and for gods' sake please don't even think of signing Depay.

    • anon
    • February 9, 2021

    There s no need to shatter yourselves, it's all I the hands of Koeman, are we really that out of touch?

    For fuck s sake, ditch the 4-2-3 1
    Switch to a 4-3-3 that we re used to!

    Now, sit out Lenglet, there s no need to count on that dude as long as we have options in Umtiti to fit in for him, who was close to playing great in spite of staying off action for ages!

    Same for Roberto, he may only be brought in for dest when we re comfortably leading!

    Play, mingueza, araujo and dest in every game!

    I hope we make a decision to get Todibo back, to balance the shit move we made of selling him, so that we d occassionally have options to use minguezza/ araujo to the right and utilise dest on the left, he s spectacular on both wings.

    This can let us use alba only as a sub, once we re in comfort.

    Coming to midfield, I hope Sergio busquets calls it a day, and instead makes it to the coaching staff of Barca B, by which he isn't really out of the club , the dna of which runs in him! He s over as a player!

    I d that for pique as well, his presence as playeR is unfirtunately only a sabotage!

    Now, start Puig in every darn game!
    He needs to play as much as possible if the sources for our attack deserves life!

    Play Pedri in the position where he belongs, instead of being deployed as winger!

    Use griezzman on the left wing, as there are no options for him, and substitute him with Konrad as and when possible!

    Once dembele returns, shift him as a sub/ starter in Brathwaite s role! I hope messi isn't rested anymore, as all liga games are crucial!

    Now going beyond koeman, I hope we really see off griezzman for his betterment as well as that of the club's. He was never going to fit in here, and he never would, as fantastic a player that he is!

  29. They should all be training on taking shots at goal!

  30. I rarely see messi in most of the videos, is it that he has his own training days.

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