Playin Soccer: FIVE Things You NEED To Know To Be A Better Coach!

Awesome Tip: FIVE Things You NEED To Know To Be A Better Coach!

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    Just started as a highschool coach. Thanks for the tips!

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    Good list Javi and you almost got to my number one coaching tip with your last point. Communication is by far the most important attribute not just in coaching but in life and not just in games but in ALL types of communication from before and after practice to conversations with the players, the parents to the referees. I’ve coached youth sports for years and I was very successful even when I didn’t have talented teams. On more than one occasion I had someone ask me how I was able to get the players to respond like I did and over achieve and I would tell them it’s because I was always consistent with my message of what WE were trying to achieve. It’s not just about on the field instructions it’s about your every day interactions with your entire team from 1 to 59 it does not matter who they are. You talk to them the same and you treat them the same even though you know you have some that are better than others. I have multiple players right now playing D1 football and even one signed on to a pro contract as a undrafted player. You ask any of them and they will tell you I was the hardest coach they ever had to deal with and yet because of my communication with them even during times that I was destroying them in training, they would tell you that they would follow me off a cliff.
    When you give them your word to a player, you need to follow through because if you don’t, that is the fastest way to lose not just that player but the whole team and your reputation because players talk and you will be labeled a bullshitter.

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    Coach Javi , in your opinion and experience. What age would you look into moving your kid up in age for competitive soccer?

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    Javi, did you watch the new Man City documentary on Prime Video? Interested to hear your thoughts about Pep's coaching style

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    Great info

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    That’s that C License Talking. I like this one Coach.

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    Do tips for high school players on what they should be doing to make it to D1 colleges. (Highlight videos, how good do you need to be, showcase tournaments, etc.)

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    Make a video explaining your style of play and formation

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    No more interactions coach?

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    What coaching courses did you take to become a coach i very strongly want to become a coach but I’m straight out of high school and don’t know the next direction i need to go in I’ve stayed to help my head coach in high school but I don’t know what next step to take to continue my development I’ve given up on my future as a player but i want to stay active in the game cause i love it a lot and i want to help upcoming players achieve their dreams this is something I really want to do cause soccer (football) is my life and I can’t see myself doing anything else thank you for this video I really needed it

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    Coach Javi whats up

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    Do you have any advice for a young coach coming in to coach a high school girls team? I’ve never coached a girls team or at this level but my boss believes I have the capabilities to succeed here.

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    Yes! Coaching!!

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