Playin Soccer: Fitness Soccer Drills To Improve Conditioning For Preseason!

Awesome Tip: Fitness Soccer Drills To Improve Conditioning For Preseason!

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  1. Here’s a good little fitness session for you lads. I know a lot of you are going into preseason and need to be in shape. Try out this session and let me know what you think!

  2. This was well informative,thank you so much!!!

  3. Song?

  4. DRILLS:

    1. 1:25
    2. 2:45
    3. 4:20
    4. 7:10

  5. Don’t static stretch before a session or a game

  6. For the 2 first exercice, are you working endurance power and the third exercice , PMA, and the last lactic exercice??

  7. I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Episoketren System will help you increase your soccer game. Has any one tried using this popular training program?

  8. Great video

  9. Mi javi todo está chido menos esa Pinche música un abrazo y mil gracias x tus entrenamientos

  10. I don’t think you should wait to catch your breath too much cuz isn’t the point of the drills to work under fatigue? So why wait until your not fatigued anymore and you caught your breath

  11. Great conditioning drills! Thank you Coach Javi for this video I tried a version of your drills and seeing great results with our team. I really enjoy it due to the fact its a "soccer conditioning" drill vs just conditioning. Thank you again!

  12. for the ones wondering the song is cayman by HDBeenDope

  13. Thanks coach.

  14. I’m most definitely trying this out and posting it .

  15. Hope to see more videos from you my coach

  16. What song is that in the video? It’s pretty fire.

  17. Song name ?

  18. Good stuff. Definitely adding these to my training. Thank you Coach Javi!

  19. I got an adductor strain and am going to miss the start of preseason. Ima have to add this to my ting

  20. It’s good when you feel your lungs burn

  21. You could also do the John terry fitness workout!

  22. would this work for u14 and u13. Or would you change bump up the times?

  23. ME GUSTA!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to do this tonight. If you don't see me at the friendly next week I died trying.

  24. I miss the college videos… those were the best part of my day <3

  25. Thank you for making a video about this

  26. No sé hablar mucho inglés pero entendí bien los entrenamientos.

  27. Thhhhaaaannnkkk yyyyooouuuu

  28. Thanks coach for the tips

  29. Good to see Coach Javi getting in to shape for the upcoming Overtime SC season!

  30. Great tips javi

  31. 69th like

  32. Hey coach Javi , for the beep test what’s the level that respresents you are in shape ?

  33. I feel honored to have watched this live! Coach Javi is the best <3

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