Playin Soccer: Fitness At The Highest Level

Awesome Tip: Fitness At The Highest Level

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    If you want to try the fitness test: the aim is to cover the most distance possible. It can be done on a track to be measured accurately.
    (2 minute run + 1 minute walk/rest) x 12 Sets = 36 minutes total.
    Isak’s Score: 4.36 miles (There is a small variation due to gps accuracy)*

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    What’s the song @ 5:31 ?

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    Havent played in a few years so looking to do a preseason fitness plan for 6 weeks before i join a team. Can you help with a video on this? Dont know if it should be stamina based, or sprints etc. Thanks

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    U the man!!!

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    Hade bra

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    Great video and can u tell me what is this black thing called on chest in 8:01

  7. hey coach thanxz for your advice I wanna tell u some thing istarted to run 2 days in aweek for 15 killometer some coaches says me that's not good for you if you want to run amaraton do this ,this exercise not good for ineed advice coach .reply me

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    WhAts your favorite team

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    Hey I’m in that video. During the time lapse while he is running I an training in the background. I remember seeing you guys out there that day.

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    39k subs!!

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    Your transitions are sick!

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    What do you use to hang up all your cleats on the wall like that?

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    Javi should I use treadmill or just normal running which is more efficient and how can I gain even more stamina pls reply you the best

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    this is awesome. thx for responding to my email coach javi!

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    Do a video on patellar tendinitis please

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    Really nice video Javi! Can you please do a video of diet of one of the players of your team at GWU? Love you (no homo) ❤️

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    can someone go from d3 to d1? like junior year

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    What about the players that played for you and coach Ali last fall, can they get any additional training?

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    Coach Javi, do you have any players that are in some sort of medical program

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    Hopefully I get to play y'all before I graduate next year!! Let's make it happen Coach Javi ! Francis Marion vs. GWU! Haha

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    Very good!

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    How old is isak.

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    Hey coach Javi I have been training for about 2 months and I can feel the progression, but sometimes I make simple mistakes like bad touch and bad dribbles im going to keep training that part but should i speed up my drills like if I’m in the game or should I slow down and take it calmly in the game?

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    @coach javi Can you highlight individual training session I can do by myself on he time I do not have team training

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    Javi you should do a video on the diet!

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    What u think I should do to get in shape and get better got high school soccer I play center back

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    How much is that gps tool?

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    What is the best way to increase stamina/ endurance

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    I’m 17 and started pursuing my coaching career. I️ have a u12 team, what should be my main focus on improving them?

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    answer my comment im a subscriber!

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    Congratulations on 38,000 subs.

    • M G
    • May 21, 2021

    Since I started watching your videos I was descent and I started doing all of your drills and worked my ass off and now I'm in my high school senior year with 3 D1 scholarship offers

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    What camera were you using at the beginning ?

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    Hi coach Javi, I’m a huge fan, i am currently at the University of Aiken South Carolina for their soccer camp. Do you think it is good to go to collage soccer camps?

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    Coach javi, big fan of yours! Just wanted to ask do you have a web site where you have drills for individual training (with no one but yourself) i dont have anyone to work with. Much love, keep up the good work !

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    How could possibly be pro soccer player starting from age of 16 …??

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