Playin Soccer: First training session to prepare the cup match against Sevilla

Awesome Tip: First training session to prepare the cup match against Sevilla

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  1. вот это команда

  2. Reply

    Aleñà > Modric

  3. Reply

    Um bom time

  4. Reply

    Who's that guy who shoots in 0:56 sec ?

  5. Reply

    who knows when is the match

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    I miss dembele's smile 🙁

  8. Reply

    done es Messi!?? y suarez

  9. Reply

    Name of music send me pls

  10. Reply

    Winner messi barcelona

  11. Reply

    Where my boy ousman dembele

  12. Reply

    We're better off having Malcom playing as a left wing than Coutinho, in the same time it would develop his skills just like Dembélé.

  13. Reply

    We already mis u Dembele

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    بالتوفيق ان شاء الله برشلونة الفوز

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    Barça know the best experience player #

  18. Reply

    Dembele out for 15 days

  19. Reply

    where is Coutinho? what is happening with him why he is not smiling or looks happy in pitch ? please have a Q n A with him…

  20. Reply

    We're is Dembale?

  21. Reply

    Oh no Barca looking to get Phil Jones…

  22. Reply

    Barca have most chance to win la liga, copa del rey and champions league

    • wizy
    • February 22, 2021

    Malcom to play

  23. Reply

    Boateng?????? no

  24. Reply

    i thing sevilla 1 vs 3 barca
    Good luck barca..????

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    معانا يارب

  27. Reply

    ma awoodo inaan uciyaaro barcelona sabab too layma ogala inaan la kulmo messi iyo madaxda barcelona

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    What the song? OMG, I like it! ((

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    how in hell is vermaelen still living the barca dream

  30. Reply

    Can't wait to see malcolm and Denis suarez

  31. Reply

    Where is the goat

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