Playin Soccer: First team presentation for the coming 2019 – 2020 season

Awesome Tip: First team presentation for the coming 2019 – 2020 season

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  1. Es increible como apenas dice buenas y la gente se calla para escucharlo

  2. this was the season that everyone was heartbroken by Liverpool, we had a shit team, everyone was unmotivated, the 8-2 happened. now 2020-21 everyone looks happy and great. we have a way better team this season than last.

  3. ميسي ضيم

  4. 🙁

  5. 100% Messi speak Spanish

  6. Leo messi

  7. Ivan mellamo

  8. Suares Artur Rakitic —-

  9. Que mal acabó todo

  10. VAMOS

  11. Team laughed with this bad squad Barcelona lost by 8

  12. 2 8 xddd

  13. We all want to forget this season

  14. 2021

  15. No sabíamos lo que se nos vendría encima

  16. 77

  17. msn needs to be back

  18. my life fast time i play messi voice

  19. The worst season

  20. Vengo del futuro y el Bayern les mete 8

  21. 8-2

  22. Como put* nos comemos 8 en champions League conos.

  23. Coutinho is not interest for barca

  24. You're here for 5:52 GOAT

  25. nice

  26. Quien despues del 8 2

  27. El comienzo del fin

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