Playin Soccer: Final training session before PSG

Awesome Tip: Final training session before PSG

Everything’s set to go for one of the toughest challenges that FC Barcelona has ever faced. Wednesday night brings a Champions League round of 16 second leg against PSG, where the Catalans face the monumental task of turning around a 4-0 deficit from the first leg in Paris.

It can be done, and the players finalised their preparations to do just that on Tuesday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper training ground, for a session attended by all of the available members of the first team squad, after which manager Luis Enrique and striker Luis Suárez are giving press conferences.

The French champions will be training inside the Camp Nou stadium itself later today at 6.30pm CET.


Ya está todo listo. El FC Barcelona está preparado para recibir al PSG en el partido de vuelta de los octavos de final de la Liga de Campeones. Los jugadores disponibles del primer equipo se han ejercitado en el campo Tito Vilanova de la Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper en la última sesión antes de recibir el miércoles a los parisinos (20.45 horas).

Los hombres de Luis Enrique Martínez intentarán dar la vuelta al resultado del partido de ida en París en un Camp Nou que se espera que esté a rebosar, y con un equipo que cree totalmente en la remontada.

Los azulgranas llegan en un gran momento de forma, tras conseguir dos grandes goleadas que servirían el miércoles para acceder a la siguiente ronda (6-1 contra el Sporting y 5-0 contra el Celta). Además, cuentan con Leo Messi, actual Pichichi de la Liga, Bota de Oro Europea y máximo goleador de la Liga de Campeones.
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    i came after 4-1

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    Prediction;barca 6 psg 1

  3. Reply

    We did it

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    Donde puedo komprar ese training kit??

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    Hate this psg.Our FCB is always the best for us and best forever.

  6. they put ney as thumbnail, then he became motm.

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    Barça 6 – 1 Psg

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    How is this a training session? They're just playing with the ball.

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    Vamos barca Forca Barca Champers

    • Noah
    • March 11, 2021

    Barcelona won

    • RM14
    • March 11, 2021
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    Barcelona ONE LOVE 6:1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This match looked so fake lol …

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    lets go barcelona

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    win draw or lose fcb forever lets go out there and have a good game

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    не волнуйтесь хетрик сделаю

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    Messi 3
    saurez 2
    neymar 1

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    barca 5-0 PSG

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    viscaaaaaaaaaa barsssa go boys

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    barca 6 psg 0

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    A messi hattrick tonight for sure…I believe Barca will go through

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    my father always say to me " barca will lose " " they will lost again 3-0". but I dont care , I still believe barca will win !! I always love barca !! #ViscaBarca

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    Any1 knows on which channel Barca vs psg be broadcasted in India

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    Vai ser sofrido, mas vai dar, Barça 7×2 PSG.

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    Good luck! You can do it.

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