Playin Soccer: Final session before our chance to clinch the league title against Levante

Awesome Tip: Final session before our chance to clinch the league title against Levante

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    Amo Barcelona y la provincia de Cataluña y espero visitarla y amar a Pique y espero visitar mi país en el Medio Oriente

  2. Reply

    You will win it yes and wait 4ur punishment from LFC.

  3. Reply

    Messi is best player in the world.

  4. Reply

    Forward: Dembele, Messi & Malcom
    Mid- Arthur, Busi & Raketic
    Def- Alba, Umiti, Pique & Semedo
    Goal- Ter Stegen

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    بالتوفيق ان شاء الله برشلونة الفوز

  6. Reply

    Barça campeão hoje! Visca el barca !

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    Perro ekipazo !! Like si estas de acuerdo y suscribe a mi canal !!

  9. Reply

    Please finish match in first half..then rest Messi alba and Suarez for Liverpool match

  10. Reply

    Good luck for the monsters of the red and blue

  11. Reply

    Good luck fc barcelona lionel messi

  12. Reply

    Go Levante

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    hi i am a huge barcelona fan but i would love it if in the uefa champions leauge if we can play good for both legs thanks

  14. Reply

    Yes, we are Barcalonista

  15. Reply

    I love yuo

  16. Reply

    yes barca win 3-1

  17. Reply

    Visca Barça

  18. Reply

    Vamooh forca barca

  19. Reply

    Denis Suarez come back and become a legend

  20. Reply

    2:10 BichKheu Dcm VCL :))

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