Playin Soccer: Filming My Most Epic Training Video Ever!

Awesome Tip: Filming My Most Epic Training Video Ever!

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    Expect the video to come out in the next few weeks. Really excited to show you guys how it looks!

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    Great video. Just wanted your feedback. I posted my highlight video for this season on my channel and wanted your opinion of it. Even first 2 minutes would be great. Trying to play USL 2 this summer.

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    I play soccer and I feel like when I'm watching your videos, it gets me more innovation and feel like I need to get practicing love your vids. I want you to be my private coach cause I feel like I'm on level 1 of soccer. Love you coach javi!!!!!!

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    He’s an older version of Froste from the mob

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    Omg i cant wait xD

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    Aye I’m excited for this video coming soon can’t wait the idea looks cool

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    So early

  9. Have you ever been to Bulgaria?

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  11. How can I improve my first touch

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