Playin Soccer: FCB Academy: A demonstration of fair play from the FC Barcelona U-14s in Japan

Awesome Tip: FCB Academy: A demonstration of fair play from the FC Barcelona U-14s in Japan

The FC Barcelona U14B side gave a demonstration of how to behave in victory in the World Challenge Cup in Japan. In the final Sergi Milà’s team won 1-0 against local team Omiya Ardija Junior and after the win the Barça youngsters consoled their opponents. The sporting gesture has been seen around the world, a great example of the values promoted at La Masia.

El Infantil B gana en Japón la World Challenge Cup tras vencer al Omiya Ardija Junior, por 1-0, en la final de la World Challenge Cup. El gol de la victoria ha sido obra del nuevo fichaje Xavi Planas, que llega procedente de la Damm. El Barça no sólo ha dejado constancia en Tokio de su buen juego, de su ADN Barça, sino que, una vez más, ha dado un gran ejemplo de comportamiento y de valores. Los jugadores del Infantil B consolaron uno a uno a los futbolistas del Omiya Ardija Junior al final del partido cuando éstos estaban llorando la derrota. Una situación idéntica a la que protagonizaron los mismos jugadores azulgranas la pasada Semana Santa en el MIC, entonces eran alevines, cuando antes de celebrar el torneo consolaron a los jugadores del Real Madrid al que habían ganado por 2-0.

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    Just fab

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    Can someone tell me what’s the name of the captain?

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    Anyone know him cpatain name?

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    Anyone now captain?

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    Aku datang dari masa depan

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    Wheres the number 06 everyone is talking about lol. All I saw was 20

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    Awesome cap

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    "Mes que un club"

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    wining team captain has a good heart such a great boy wow

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    Future captain spotted

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    this is kind

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    This is beautiful

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    Ooh lala

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    Si este vídeo no te toca la fibra no eres humano

  17. Great Job FCB now thats classy sportsmanship right there I got Respect for FCB for acting the Right way at the end of the match instead of being cocky they showed some respect

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    Buen gesto de humildad y deportividad, pero me hace un poco de gracia porque le están animando los españoles y los japoneses no habrán entendido una mierda haha

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    ❤️ pure

  20. Im crying after watch this video

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    one time, time ago, iwas was a u.s. soldier at fort leonard wood, missouri, where i volunteered as the the military dependents' children's soccer coach. a forward player, little johnny, kicked at a little girl, susan, and what did she do, then? she ran up to me and asked, ", coach, johnny just kicked me! can i kick him right back?" i remember this hilarious episode as if it were just yesterday. fair play? hasta la vista, baby… :0

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    What’s his name?

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    I honestly wish to be a proffesional player but our country doesnt take football with the seriousness it deserves but I am sure if I keep on going and believe, I will make it and I will have an impact in the football world. I will some day make it to Barcelona's RW

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    When the whistle blew omiya was like SHIT ON IT

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    That kid with 13 is totally upset

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    This is empathy

  27. Que lindo como se saludan y consola entre todos los jugadores que lindo sería que mis compañeros lo sean así

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    Timnas Indo patut contoh ini

  29. Sweet Barcelona

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    Good job kids

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    Good boy

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  33. Those kids are cool

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  35. Both kids and adults are like this ♥️

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