Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona training session: Messi, Suarez and Neymar reunited this morning

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona training session: Messi, Suarez and Neymar reunited this morning

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  1. Reply

    M$N TRIO TH€ K|NG$

  2. Reply

    I m watching on 2021

  3. Reply

    miss this time

  4. Reply

    Miss uu msn

  5. Reply

    From where did it all go wrong 🙁

  6. Reply

    leo messi's is the best I wish I could be like him

  7. Reply

    Messi is my favourite player

  8. Reply

    Messi fans hit like

  9. Reply

    How to join club

  10. Reply

    Can I join

  11. Reply

    Wish we can turn back time to MSN's good dope,fun,happy days!

  12. Reply

    Messi suarez neymar great player

  13. Reply

    Iniesta(*^^*) Welcome to Japan!!

  14. Reply

    Messi is grtest of all time❤

  15. Reply

    What does these player on their chest plz reply someone

  16. Reply

    super cool

  17. Reply

    messi you the best,,,

    • J 0
    • February 4, 2021

    Why is this so fun to watch?

  18. Reply

    uhm I think Messi should win it..

  19. انللالظاب لاملل ابو

  20. لنسىغنسيقلمربتش

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    pls call me on Barca football club I love mesii

  23. Reply

    i can see them doing this all day long

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    What's that small black top messi was wearing in the pic called

  25. Reply

    messi is the best

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    Le barça est mon équipe de cœur pour toujours et j'aimerai que mon neveu jour làbas un jour. Il est un très bon gauchet. Je veus que le barça fait un bon recrutement a la défense et le côté latétale. Il faut bien former et garder les jeunes du centre et non les laisser partir. On aura des iniesta et messi. Je souffre quand le barça perd. Merci n'oubliez pas mon neveu pour la massia,offre gratuite. 00225 05017107

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    я фанат Месси

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    Where does neymar get clothes that he wares in his own time

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    барса крута

  30. Reply

    Hej jeg er lækker

    • AJ10
    • February 4, 2021

    Dani Alves 🙁

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    I am neymar glacial

  32. Reply

    damn football training looks way more relaxing than american football where you always gotta yell and be yelled at more than by the gaffer

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    Barca is so good they make other team's training sessions look like they've never played in their lives.

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    suarez the beast

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    Subscribe à ma chaîne et visionne mes vidéos de sport et je rends

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    I would love this as a job…..

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