Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona – PSG: Crazy reactions – #WeDidIt Let’s see how you did it!

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona – PSG: Crazy reactions – #WeDidIt Let’s see how you did it!

The fans celebrated FC Barcelona’s historic comeback to make it through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and shared their experience on social media.

Los seguidores celebraron con euforia la remontada y la clasificación histórica en la Liga de Campeones y lo compartieron con el resto de culés en las redes

FC Barcelona on Social Media
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  1. Reply

    Allez paris Barca 1-4 PSG

  2. Reply

    Nice that I got this in my recommendations after we got humiliated 4-1….

  3. Reply

    I was running around my house during this moment

  4. Reply

    Once more

  5. Reply

    Dhlah 1-4

    • KoBur
    • February 21, 2021

    Hello from Feb 2021

  6. Reply

    Let's do it again

  7. Reply

    Barcelona is lose in the liga champions

  8. Reply

    It hurts to see this today.Just hope we do this again in the second leg.
    Visça el Barça

  9. Reply

    Y shora que perdio 1- 4 frente al PSG Jajajaja dan pena barcelonistas mediocres y su messi ni juega a nada

  10. Reply

    after four years this comes on my recommend best moments ever

  11. Reply

    I miss this Barca with MSN and iniesta those 4 were special players together

  12. Reply

    How far my club as fallen now

  13. Reply

    I am feeling goosebumps.. This is what you call, Football.. and surely you'll know, Barça. Even if we go down, it's Barça always, and surely I swear, we'll come back there!! ✨ (After the lose in SPANISH Super Cup, now..)

    • L N
    • February 21, 2021

    الاول ابو سروال وفنيله كنه من ربعنا

  14. Reply

    I CRY

  15. Reply

    Who is here after draw agree a game between barca and psg

  16. Reply

    I HOPE we may not lose this TIME.

  17. Reply

    Wonderful night that night

  18. Reply

    Who see the 2020.12.23?!

  19. Reply

    من عربي

  20. Reply

    The best moment

  21. Reply

    All gile

  22. Reply

    Barcelona is the best.

  23. Reply

    i slept when cavani scored that goal and then i missed history

  24. Reply


  25. Reply

    Who's here after Barcelona will face PSG in the lase 16 of Champions League ?

  26. Reply

    Here after barca psg ucl draw
    Hope again luck in our favour❤

  27. Reply

    The best feeling ever❤️

  28. ❤My heart

  29. Reply

    Funny how youtube recommends it to me the second barca vs psg draw in ucl round of 16 is made

  30. Reply

    Who is here after Barcelona and PSG are being drawn to face again in UCL second round of 20-21.

  31. Reply

    Who is here after the UCL draw?

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