Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona players play basketball at American University

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona players play basketball at American University

FC Barcelona US Summer Tour

The Barça players exchanged soccer for basketball. At least for a day. They honed their skills on court at the American University before their first training session after travelling to Washington.
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  1. Reply

    Football players playing Basketball with Volleyballs.

  2. Reply

    Couple of them had decent looking jump shots

  3. Reply

    Soccer players playing basketball with volleyballs

  4. Reply

    This is what Kawhi feels shooting the ball with his gigantic hands

  5. 1:21 Luis Enrique was like "I do this in my sleep"

    • Jam
    • June 2, 2021

    Footballers playing Basketball with Volleyball

  6. Reply

    How high is the net?

  7. Reply

    Who is the players that dunked the basketball?

  8. Reply

    Did anyone noticed what happened when Luis Enrique comes in…..

  9. Reply

    Why volleyballs?

  10. Reply

    Why they played with volleyball balls?

  11. Reply

    Bruh rakitic is wearing football cleats lol

  12. Reply

    I subscribed

  13. Reply

    Marc Bartra liveeee

  14. Reply

    seriously most of them had a good shooting form..still better than lonzo's one lmao

  15. Reply

    they play basketball better than NBA player play soccer

  16. forza barca

  17. Reply

    lol soccer balls playing basketball

  18. Reply

    Lol Enrique at the end you guys suck and where's messi Neymar

  19. Reply

    lol they pretty much suck

  20. Reply


  21. Reply

    I'm really surprised. A lot of them can shoot a basketball correctly and looked like they hoop.

  22. Reply

    What's the name of the guy who dunks?

  23. Reply

    Stop complaining about if there playing basketball or if there playing it or how they are playing it stop making such a big deal they like soccer so of course there not going to play good because there used to soccer not that crapy shity sport that no one likes (basket ball) oh and this is my opinion if u don't agree oh well I don't give a damn

  24. Reply

    Qatar. <3

  25. Reply

    Why are they using Volleyballs??

  26. Reply

    First of all Enrique was dunking on like a 7-foot goal, second of all they were using volleyballs, third of all their shot forms were lousy!

  27. Reply

    They got trolled by someone giving them volleyballs instead of basketballs

  28. Reply

    Why are they using volley balls?

  29. Reply

    Barcelona's basketball team is actually called FC barcelona.. FC stands for football club..

  30. Reply

    lol they look like a middle school team

  31. Reply

    Luis Enrique Turn Down For What OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  32. Reply

    hahaha owned by Enrique

  33. Reply

    LE crack !!

  34. Reply

    Haha luis enrique

  35. Reply

    you can see me at 20:00 in the blue shirt 🙂

  36. Reply

    i'm in this omg

  37. Reply

    Más goles y menos canasta barça vamos

  38. Reply

    Haha Enrique killed them all:) but the third goalkeeper is good as well

  39. Reply

    Como se llama la cancion del principio??

  40. Reply

    Rakitic was like bruh

  41. Reply

    Guys anyone what did enrique say??

  42. Reply

    Goalies have the most jumppower?

  43. Reply

    Woow enrique won them all lol. XD

  44. Reply

    Lucho MVP
    Masip 10/10

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