Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona Masia-Academy: Spectacular goal (Aleví A vs Cornellà)

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona Masia-Academy: Spectacular goal (Aleví A vs Cornellà)

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  1. Reply

    I am goalkeeper I want to be with you

  2. Reply

    Ooh wt 1 trucks

  3. Reply

    pablo paez es un crack

  4. Reply


  5. Reply

    Pablo Lopez

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    OMG .

  8. Reply

    Whau mis respetos para esos 2 campiones!

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    Someones youtube is named Yudis bonilla

  11. Reply

    The future Iniesta and Neymar

  12. Reply

    esses tem futuro

  13. Reply

    the future giants of Barcelona!!!

  14. Reply

    le numéro 8 met 3 petit pont

  15. Reply

    What a goal!!

  16. Reply

    better then messi?

  17. Reply

    What age group is this? How young are these boys?

  18. Reply

    Messi and Iniesta future.

  19. Reply

    My name is Samuel and I have a chance because I'm even going to barce academy for trials in April you can even look at my Instagram page my Instagram name is s10baller

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    goood boy really

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    En perfecto español diría: Pinche Golazo! #LittleBarca

  23. Reply

    And we wonder why England struggles to produce such talent!… We play on muddy pitches with full size goals!!

  24. Reply

    penalty for player 40

  25. Reply

    brilliant work. the greatest goal from kids. look at the runs are these professional footballer that were shrunk?

  26. Reply

    paid them to let them score

  27. Reply


  28. Reply

    no. 8 looks like Jordi alba,,

  29. Reply

    and iam still playing fifa

  30. fantástico

  31. Reply

    next generation of Lionel Messi.

  32. Reply

    blame the defender should have taken him out

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    barca you yes

  36. Reply

    Future Messi

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    hello guys come on visit my youtube channel and please click Subscribe. Thanks guys ;0

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    This is unbeliavle,,,how is possible??amaizing,, superb skill ,,,

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    Nuevos Messis

  40. Reply

    os BR so zua pqp

  41. Reply

    Faço melhor mais ok né

  42. Reply

    wow, little Messi!

  43. Reply

    such goal, much skills, wow

  44. Reply

    Real expects even more difficult days

  45. Reply

    Малые играют лучше нашей сборной 🙂

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