Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona lift the Champions League trophy 2015

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona lift the Champions League trophy 2015

FC Barcelona rode goals from Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suárez, and an injury-time clincher by Neymar Jr to claim the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League title on Saturday night at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

The victory gives FC Barcelona their fourth Champions League title in the last 10 years — their fifth in team history — and an unprecedented second treble, adding a layer of reinforced concrete to the Catalans’ already rock-solid status as a dynasty for the ages.

While annual modifications to any top-tier squad are inevitable, a steady core of players — led by the Argentinian virtuoso Lionel Messi — has anchored the Catalan club during a run of footballing dominance the likes of which has never been witnessed before. Over the past decade Barça have scooped up titles at a prolific pace with an astounding haul of 24 major trophies in six different competitions.

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    I'm here in 2021

  2. Reply

    Gano el barzs la copa del rey hoy 17 de abril del 2021

  3. Reply

    Barça❤le remonta al psg vuelvo despues el partido

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    why do i get this in my recommendation now. Does it mean barca will win the UCL 2021 although 1st leg is 4-1 to psg r16 maybe a comeback

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    Bayern de Munique 8×2 Barça kkkkkkkkkk

  7. Reply

    And that was the end of the show

  8. Reply

    Jeff Bezos is a football fan

  9. Reply

    5 years since we won and 5 ucl humiliations

  10. Reply

    Why did neymar leave

  11. Reply

    Alguém vendo em 2020?

  12. Reply

    The best part is barca anthem

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    Cosas que hacen llorar a un hombre

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    Could of seen this in 2018/19 season. But we had to see another crumble at Anfield. I hope I can win a UCL with Barca one day.

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    Barca forever

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    It’s a shame that’s it had gotten to this

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    Miss those times

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    5 years later……..4 – 0 to PSG, 3 – 0 to Roma, 4 – 0 to Liverpool, and now, 8 – 2 to FC Bayern München. Oh how FC Barcelona has fallen. But these treble winners didn’t know it yet.

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    Cuando el barcelona daba miedo,ahora da lastima

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    What happened man.

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    2nd best Barca squad

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