Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona: Gerard Piqué, on the road to recovery

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona: Gerard Piqué, on the road to recovery

Fourteen first team regulars were missing from the first training session of the week because they’re away on international duty, but one man who was at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper on Tuesday was Gerard Piqué, who worked out separately from the rest of the team.
It won’t be long before the centre back is able to rejoin the group. He’s been out of action since spraining ligaments in his right ankle in the 39th minute of the the 4-0 defeat of Manchester City on October 19.

En la primera sesión de entrenamientos de la semana, en el que el primer equipo ha entrenado con la ausencia de los 14 internacionales, ya se ha podido ver sobre los campos de la Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper a Gerard Piqué, que ha hecho trabajo específico de recuperación.
De esta manera, el central ya cuenta los días para volver con el grupo. El pasado 19 de octubre, en el partido del Camp Nou ante el Manchester City (4-0), el azulgrana sufrió un esguince en el ligamento lateral externo del tobillo derecho y tuvo que ser sustituido en el minuto 39.

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  1. True are defence is weak without him

  2. Vamos pique


  4. Vamos gerard

  5. Gerard Pique, one of the best futbol players.

  6. Great to see you Piqué. May the Lord of Israel bless you in the name of Jesus

  7. "Asi no" xD

  8. 流石ピケさん、かっけーすね。

  9. the legendary Spanish trio are missing

  10. Ramos and Pepe disliked the video

  11. get well soon pique! we all miss you so much!!

  12. Barca starting 11

    Ter Stegen

    Roberto Umtiti Pique Alba

    Rakitic Busquests. Iniesta

    Messi Suarez Neymar

    Like if you agree. Visca Barca!!!!!

  13. Alice ?

  14. we need this man back!!!!

  15. Yessssss!!!! Can't wait for you to destroy penaldo

  16. welcome back we missed u pique <3

  17. Visca barca best team in the worldgo go barca always in my Heart <3

  18. i always knew pique was a beast but i always felt like he wasnt good enough defensively i was wrong we miss him more than ever

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  20. bien pique recuperate pronto

  21. very intense workout. Takes more of you when doing what Pique is doing in the sand.

    • keem
    • February 23, 2021

    jordi we Need u too

  22. Train harder! We want u to destroy Penaldo, camping in the box

  23. Better than overrated Ramos

  24. any update on jordi alba?

  25. why is he training on sand

  26. holly shit…that looks hard

  27. get well soon legend

  28. get well soon pique we need u back <3

  29. Alba pique mascherano Roberto/ umtiti
    Best barca 4

  30. Good to see him with the ball again. Get well soon, Geri!

  31. Nice to see you working hard to get back on the field. Our defence is literally paralyzed without you

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