Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona – Els 5 gols del planter (16 i 17 de març)

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona – Els 5 gols del planter (16 i 17 de març)


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    no Marc Pelaz Ruiz?!

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    This song is in fifa 13

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    Fifa13 song 😀

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    alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion y el artista?

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    なぜsleep alone??

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    tittle of song ?

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    0:54 Ronaldinho is back in Barcelona!

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    #6 who scored the #1 goal is def one for the future he was involved in a lot of the other goals and his passing and dribbling is already amazing at his age

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    my son loves the videos check out his

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    #3 tiki-taka

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    #1 is like… "too easy" lol

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    fati is going to be big when he gets older

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    th barca future is safe:)

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    Top five goals of the week from the lads at La Masia. Which one is your favourite?  

    Cinc gols per treure’s el barret

    Cinco goles para quitarse el sombrero

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    I can die for Barca i swear to GOD

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    La Masia 333
    Visca el Barca !!

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    Look at these adorable athletic kids. They are so lucky to be sporting the Blaugrana uniforms but more importantly playing for a great team. Best of luck little one 🙂 Visca el Barça! Visca Catalunya!

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    La masia is amazing!!
    Visca Barca!!!!

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