Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona Champions League victory celebrations (full version)

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona Champions League victory celebrations (full version)

FC Barcelona players celebrate the victory on the field.
FC Barcelona on Social Media
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  1. Reply

    Good old days

  2. Reply

    2021 comingsoon

  3. Reply

    No sé por qué YouTube me recomendó este video.
    ¿¿Será una señal?? :"v

  4. Reply

    4:23 barca fans singing Viva La Vida is just beautiful

  5. Reply

    Patrick evra here too 3 finals against Messi that's why he hates leo

  6. Reply

    to think Xavi will be winning it as our Mananger will truly be a blessing

  7. Reply

    Anyone 2021?❤️❤️

  8. Reply

    Barca won the champion league on 2015

  9. Reply

    Será q la vuelva a ganar? :/

  10. Reply

    Who is missing the good old days, where u never had to worrie whether barca would win or not

  11. Reply

    The GLORY Days

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Seria maravilhoso ver isso acontecer de novo que triste mais eu acho duficil

  14. Reply

    Lo recuerdo cómo si fuera ayer

  15. Reply

    Pique really said: “this my net”

  16. Reply

    The best part is when they play the ucl song

    • FaTe
    • February 9, 2021

    LITTLE did we know that was the last time messi was gonna actually be happy and the last msn final….

  17. Reply
  18. Reply

    Cuando el barcelona era el mejor equipo del mundo y no uno al que le meten 8 goles

  19. Reply

    como se llama la cancion que se escucha en el minuto 11.20

  20. Reply

    Yessssssss juv got destroyed when there was pirlo in it

    Thank god we have xhav

  21. HLO 2020

  22. Reply

    Seeing pirlo emotional man it’s sad

  23. Reply

    Dios mío ese día grité llore de los mejores momentos de mi vida.

  24. Reply

    We miss this days but we will be back

  25. Reply

    I really admire Pogba and pirlo ❤️

  26. Reply

    May Be Barca had watched last match of Messi, In his team. PSG is waiting for Messi.

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