Playin Soccer: FC Barcelona: All Dani Alves’ goals (2008-2016)

Awesome Tip: FC Barcelona: All Dani Alves’ goals (2008-2016)

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  1. Reply

    8 years later all dest goals 2020 2029

  2. Reply

    We will never have a fullback like him again.

  3. Reply

    Zonna jalhane

  4. Reply


  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    what a humorist guy…

  7. Reply

    7:20 jesus fucking christ Iniesta…

  8. Reply

    full bek spanjang masa. menurutku gol dan asis

  9. Reply

    Metió más goles que Mascherano :0 bueno no me sorprende :v

  10. Reply

    The best fullback (Right back)…

  11. Reply

    This is where downfall started…

  12. Reply

    Dani come back bro❤️❤️

  13. Reply

    Melhor lateral do mundo

    • 87er
    • February 8, 2021

    Why has he 4 different numbers in his Barça time? 20, 2, 22, 6

  14. Reply

    This moment we all forgot about who is the best player lol..

  15. Reply

    Any body 2020?

  16. Reply

    El clasico is missing you alviso

  17. Reply

    Meilleur latéral du monde

  18. Reply

    Seja bem-vindo ao São Paulo, Dani Alves!!

  19. Reply

    We miss you dani

  20. Reply

    Oh, that days

  21. Reply

    Dani Alves ❤

  22. Reply

    He is the best RB in the world.

  23. Goodbye to the best right back that Barça had

  24. Reply

    Best RB in history

  25. Reply

    Amazing player! My favourite 6:58 . Wonderful low curving shot to side netting . And he was always a great passer as well!

  26. Reply


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    we will never ever forget his name.. And his name is DANI ALVES.. Thank U!!!

  28. 戻ってきてくれー

  29. Reply

    un tempo un grande campione

  30. Reply

    What is the name of the 5 minute song

  31. Reply

    and 2??

  32. Reply

    1 song?

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