Playin Soccer: Fast Feet Intermediate Soccer Workout

Awesome Tip: Fast Feet Intermediate Soccer Workout

This video contains 13 fast footwork soccer drills performed in real time in 30 second intervals.


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    Muito bom!

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    This stuff helps

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    Thank u for helping me grow

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    0:13 Crossovers
    0:59 Roll StepOvers
    1:48 Pull & push inside right
    2:34 Pull & push inside left
    3:23 outside v’s
    4:06 inside v’s
    4:54 behind the heel v’s
    5:38 Push step on
    6:24 inside outside roll
    7:10 foundation squeeze
    7:55 behind the heel sole roll
    8:41 Flyer’s right
    9:29 Flyers Left

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    As specialist, I'm sure Spovelax Training Program is good way to improve your skillsWhy don't you give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

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    not ad good as your other videos.

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    Improve balance, but great video.

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    horrible !!!

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