Playin Soccer: Fast Feet Beginner Soccer Drills (Part 2)

Awesome Tip: Fast Feet Beginner Soccer Drills (Part 2)

Fast Feet Beginner Soccer Drills features 11 all new beginner/intermediate ball mastery drills, performed in real time, at 30 second intervals. Improve your foot skills, ball mastery, and confidence with the ball by working out at home along with this high quality instructional video. Soccer homework pays off on the field! This workout will make you a better player if you do it every day. All it takes is a little over 10 minutes a day to improve your game.

Este video contiene 11 practicas de fútbol para mejorar tu técnica de driblar. Practica los ejercicios de driblar. Practica de fútbol en casa para pies mas rápidos. Mejora tu control y confianza con la pelota.

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    Buena la musica, de adonde la sacaste

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    u made quartine awsome and fun

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    i'm good at basktball to

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    I have to do this for WOU my soccer team

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    It’s either I’m really bad or she is really good

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    • P
    • February 1, 2021

    Did you tear your acl? Can you do a video on how not to.

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    Good video

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    Thank you so much for this!  This is helping my daughter for U11.

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    i am not only good i am Faboulous

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    Thanks again

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    Awesome.  This is perfect for helping to develop my U13 players.

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    Great video for training and the music is amazing please post the title,

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    Great videos, this one in particular for my kids who are in youth soccer… doing this every day or every other day will no doubt improve their footwork and confidence with the ball at their feet. Thanks for all of these videos and we hope to see more released in the future! And… great music to go with them! Where have you found this music??

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    what's ur name?? to follow on insta

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    As specialist, I think Spovelax Training Program is good way to improve the weakest part of your game. Why not give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

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    As specialist, I'm sure Spovelax Training Program is great way to improve your skills. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

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    whats your name

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    being a girl and playing like this is just awesome

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    I love your videos I really want. to be on my schools soccer team so I've been practicing

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    hello sir nice trining i like you r training

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    thanks for the drill help me a lot

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    i bet you play in college, future coach 😉

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    nice videos!

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    • Zeps
    • February 1, 2021

    ur a female

    • Zeps
    • February 1, 2021

    Are you  a girl?

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