Playin Soccer: FANS REACT TO: Frenkie De Jong!!

Awesome Tip: FANS REACT TO: Frenkie De Jong!!

Barça fans recat to Frenkie De Jong on the day of his presentation!

Vlog entirely shot on Oppo Reno:

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    Leave your own message for Frenkie here!

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    The little guy at 0:00 speaks better english than most spanish people

  3. Reply

    A fan from AFC Ajax

  4. Reply

    روعة لايك

  5. Reply

    Welcome de jong my man

  6. Reply


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    Go De Jong!!el mejor centrocampista del futuro,talento,visión,inteligencia y rapidez,futbolista total,lo que necesita el mediocampo del barsa.

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    Amsterdam huilt, Frenkie.. Maar: veel geluk in Barcelona!

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    Best of luck Frenkie!

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    What a great day

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    What numbershirt will Frenkie De Jong wear?(Sorry for my broken english.Hello from Indonesia)

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    frenkie do your best we will miss you,you are the best greetings from ajax amsterdam

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    Frenkie is weg naar ajax❌❌❌

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    Los amo barca

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    Salí en el videeeeeo

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    The future messi has arrived

    • Horse
    • February 13, 2021

    Oh. No wonder people were screaming out on the streets.

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    Who soren that kid asleep

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    I hope he will play in a final

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    1:37 look behind him

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    Arthur-de jong-puig. Seem legit. But I just remember thar valverde is still the coach 🙁

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    صدقه للجماهير☺

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