Playin Soccer: FANS REACT TO: Barça 3-0 Liverpool

Awesome Tip: FANS REACT TO: Barça 3-0 Liverpool

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    well this aged

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    This shows that you should never celebrate until it’s actually over

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    Let's do fans reaction of the return leg

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    Y él fans react del partido de vuelta? Me gustaría verlo

    • JOE
    • February 17, 2021

    YNWA Liverpool fc yesssssss

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    The last guy in this video is a clown…. YNWA!!!

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    So innocent Barca fans got 4-0 ed xDDD

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    Damn that was tuff for traveling Barca fans lol get in 4-0 YNWA

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    Whos here after the comeback siiiiiiiiiiuuuu

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    Yeah he number 1 . But who go to final ? it LIVERPOOL ☜

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    hahahahaha its joke

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    Who’s here after Liverpool 4-0 Barca? YNWA BITCHES!

    • Von
    • February 17, 2021

    rekt lol

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    liver vs barca 4-0 hahahahahahahaha

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    4 : 0

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    90% of barca fans outside of Barcelona are just Messi fans (not Barca fans) You all need to get a reality check. Its not about Messi. It was never about Sallah and Bobby Firmino being out, Teams outside of England can not deal with the top English clubs high intensity press, Energy and desire. Hence all English final and possible all English final in the Europa Cup. Barca fans chose to ignore the fact that they was dominated at Camp Nou by Liverpool but just happen'd to take there chances were as Liverpool did not. LFC played exactly the same at Anfield and played them off the park. This is not a hater comment , real football fans know i am being honest. My advice, stop supporting a team because of one genius . No one player is bigger than the team. Like we say. If you can't support us when we loose ,then don't support us when we win. YNWA

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    4-0 kwkkwkkw

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