Playin Soccer: FACE TO FACE | Andrés Iniesta vs Gigi Buffon

Awesome Tip: FACE TO FACE | Andrés Iniesta vs Gigi Buffon

The game between Juventus and FC Barcelona this week is sure to be a high intensity contest, with mathematical qualification for the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League at stake. The game will also feature the latest meeting between two legends of world football: Andrés Iniesta and Gianluigi Buffon. In the accompanying video, the two stars chat about football, their futures in the game and life away from the pitch.
Iniesta and Buffon are no strangers to one another, but this Wednesday’s game could be one of the final meetings between the two. In their respective careers, the Spaniard has won every team honour available with FC Barcelona, whilst the 39-year-old Juventus goalkeeper is missing a Champions League winner’s medal from his trophy cabinet. The pair are two of the most decorated active players in the game.
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  1. Reply

    Probably this year
    Also buffon: i dont think so

  2. Reply

    I think buffon is the best goalkepper

    Respect for that legend

  3. Reply

    2 legends without hatters…

  4. Reply

    Iniesta sounds like a 11yr old while Buffon sounds like a undead monster king!

  5. Reply

    Visca barça❤Visca Catalunya❤

  6. Reply

    bcz u asked tjem many questiond on returing they thaught that u wanted them to retire so they retired
    exept buffon went to PSG

  7. Reply

    I need to hear ineasta sing

  8. Reply

    Two legend of football history

  9. Reply

    In malaysia gigi is teeth/tooth when i read the title………..

  10. Reply

    Gigi looks pissed lol

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    Both of you retired in the same season. Goodbye legend

  14. Reply

    They were not interviewed at same time or in same room.

  15. Reply

    Face to face Pogba and nuer

  16. Reply

    Thank god this 2 finally are gone sick

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  18. Reply

    Juventus and Barcelona got noket out

  19. Reply

    Iniesta Ballon d'Or.

  20. Reply

    And now these 2 legends retiring from UCL breaks my heart

  21. Reply

    Iniesta is 62 years old. Haha

  22. I thought there's gonna be a does track between those two
    Ecks dee

  23. Reply

    Love and respect these two living legends. They will be sorely missed when they retire, which is soon 🙁

  24. Reply

    That was a very strangely paced video

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