Playin Soccer: 🔙⚽ EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | PSG 1-3 BARÇA (Champions League quarter-final first leg 2014/15)

Awesome Tip: 🔙⚽ EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | PSG 1-3 BARÇA (Champions League quarter-final first leg 2014/15)

Don’t miss a 10-minute long version of the first leg of theChampions League quarter-final back in 2015 where Barça beat PSG 1-3 at Parc Des Princes.


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  1. Reply

    I swear barca have the worst commentators. This one has no emotions

  2. Reply



  3. Reply

    Alllleeeeee Barcaaaaaa

  4. Reply

    This commentry is shitt!

  5. Reply

    This time barça will leave from 16 round unless we've seen some mericale like ( coutinho returns to liverpool level ) or ( griezmann atm ) or dembele was on his day … messi will be watched with 4/5 players

  6. Reply

    Great attack, probably the greatest in the history of the game

  7. Reply


  8. Reply

    Messi is the beast

  9. Reply

    Para Mi Fue La Mejor Champions Que Ví.❤️

  10. Reply

    The poor Ter stegen had a chance to keep for the first time a cleen sheet against psg but the terrible defense said Nope

  11. Reply

    2015 ucl Messi was sooo underrated

  12. Reply

    Barca will lose very badly against psg, they didn't even win against Atletic in a final match , it seems like this year barca will be without trophy

  13. Reply

    Messi saurez neymar
    Messi saurez greizmann
    Messi greizmann dembele

  14. Reply

    Suárez for mi is the Best DC in the world, the form how he shoot is PRECIOUS

  15. Reply

    I love how after Suarez scores a goal, his speed for his celebrations simply increase rapidly compared to in the game

  16. Reply

    Get Neymar Suarez Back

  17. Reply

    When will Bar sell Griezmann. Really misses Suazed

  18. Reply

    before Luis suarez, now braitiwaite

  19. Reply

    Suárez The Best 9 in the World

  20. Reply

    Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    Let's appreciate Gérard pique on his Fantastic performance.

  23. Reply

    I really miss Xavi and Iniesta…..,……the legends

  24. Reply

    This was 5 years ago and you show it now? Dang you must be really missing those days

  25. Reply

    I hate when old games get posted. Confuses me

  26. Reply

    Buy again Suarez

  27. Reply

    O Dembele out

  28. Reply

    Inoubliable moment

  29. Reply

    Suarez at his prime

  30. Reply

    I miss Luis Suarez when Barcelona made history

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