Playin Soccer: [EXCLUSIVE] ARTHUR MELO: 'Arthur: 'I have admired Barça's style of play from a young age'

Awesome Tip: [EXCLUSIVE] ARTHUR MELO: 'Arthur: 'I have admired Barça's style of play from a young age'

Following his arrival at the Club, Barça TV have produced ‘Benvingut Arthur’ (Welcome Arthur), an interview with the Brazilian midfielder in the home changing room at the Camp Nou. The new signing reflects on his career, his life so far, and what it means to have become a Barça player. Read on for some of the most memorable quotes:

“When I was four-years-old my dad signed me up to a football school.”

“Football means everything, because it made me leave home at a young age and I had to leave my family.”

Arriving at Barça
“When I saw the name Barcelona I didn’t think about it twice. It is what I want for me and my family.”

“All the players in the world want to play for Barcelona and that makes the competition extremely tough and you have to overcome difficulties every day.”

Arthur, the footballer
“I like to have the ball, play short passes, quick touches. I enjoy controlling the midfield, controlling the rhythm of the game.”

Xavi and Iniesta
“Xavi and Iniesta are two big inspirations for mi and I need to follow in their footsteps.”

Playing with Messi
“There is nobody better than Leo Messi. I want to learn from him and from all of the other teammates as they are all stars.”

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    I pisses me tf off that they sold Arthur and bought a 30 year old Pjanic

  2. Reply

    I can't believe it.. he's gone to Juventus because of BartomeuShit

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    Who's here after he joined Juve

  5. Reply

    Now he's at Juventus lmaooo

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    Maldito seas Bartomeu,¿por qué carajos vendiste a Arthur?

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    O cara disse que o Barcelona é o clube do coração dele, e hoje está sendo chutado é trocado por um jogador de mais de 30 anos… Essa diretoria é uma vergonha!

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    Arthur has barcaleona dna

  11. Reply

    He Might be 21… But his maturity is above 21

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    Polomenos deixou em português

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    Arthur Melo new Xavi and Iniesta

  14. Boa sorte Arthur Melo! Joga muito

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    Artur será o próximo maestro indiscutivel do Barça fc

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    Barcelona contrate polgba

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    es el nuevo iniesta me sorprendio bastante porque no jugo la copa mundial de rusia 2018 ? con este en campo era campeon brazil en rusia sin dudas

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    Yassin Brahimi is better than him

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    Welcome to barca!!!!❤️❤️

  20. هلو ميسي 03

  21. Neymar is a fool to leave Barca.. if he patience enough he will get Coutinho, Arthur and Malcom to accompany him.

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    Ah Arthur, do Grêmio para o mundo! Tá brilhando hein, feliz por vê-lo no meu segundo timão! Se falou que Reizinho Messi é o melhor do mundo, já conseguiu uma fã, quero vê-lo fazendo uma dupla maravilhosa com o Messi e fazendo muitos gols! Sucesso!

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    Valeu Artur

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    Faz muita falta no grêmio, joga demais, na copa teria feito a diferença!

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