Playin Soccer: [EXCLUSIVE] ANDRÉS INIESTA: 'I hope I can be back at La Masia in the future'

Awesome Tip: [EXCLUSIVE] ANDRÉS INIESTA: 'I hope I can be back at La Masia in the future'

While the U14B team was in Japan, we were also able to catch up with Andrés Iniesta and find out how things are going for the former Barça star at his new J-League club, Vissel Kobe.

In our exclusive interview (click on the video above) he also discusses this summer’s movements at FC Barcelona, Leo Messi stepping into his shoes as captain and also hints at his long-term plans and a possible return in some capacity to the Camp Nou.
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    A model professional. a credit to his family his club and his country …..

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    Iniesta = Klasa

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    Andres Iniesta lara lara lara la ra

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    Iniesta CRACK

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    We missed you iniesta.

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    Andres iniesta-the hero…

    • s 9
    • February 22, 2021

    El PUTO amo!!

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    Iniesta ! Iniesta ! Iniesta

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    Aniesta is the soul and heart of the football game all over the world and Barcalona.
    Respect and love forever.

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    Legend andres iniest I'm niver for get you name thanks you allot legend

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    im glad to be one on this generation who witness and enjoy your magic on the pitch. gracias don andres.

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    307th comment

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    Que viejo celove a Iniesta

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    from Japan

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    Te extrañaremos crack

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    Always a Captain in our heart !

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    Leaving us is the start of returning one day. We await your return, legend!

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    Don Andres

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