Playin Soccer: EVERY Messi goal in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (2019)

Awesome Tip: EVERY Messi goal in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (2019)

Relive goal after goal after goal from an incredible 12 months for Leo Messi in the UEFA Champions League!

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  1. Okay okay okay u got skills :]

  2. Lionel Messi najlepszy

  3. Grand maestro

  4. Best in the wolrd

  5. Messiiiiiii!

  6. messi the best in the world

  7. Messi out barcelona

  8. Messi is the best

  9. 1:45 si tan solo habrias hecho eso con alemania

  10. But the schoking thing is Messi hasn't scored an away goal in champions league knockouts for 7 years running.

  11. That's why messi won the ballon d'or

  12. Bartomeu OUT
    Bartomeu OUT

  13. keep loseing ok

  14. Anyone watching after the 8-2

    • RED
    • February 8, 2021

    Goal goal goal messi

  15. Messi you may best player ever ask Luis Suarez he the good players

  16. Lionel Messi-Champions League 2019

  17. Messi is the best btw

  18. dislike because of this shitty montage what kind of editors do u have

  19. Leo Messi the best

  20. O melhor que vi jogar. Saudades

  21. Song?

  22. What's the music please

    • bm7
    • February 8, 2021

    messi vs real betis

  23. Messi messi good 10 10 10 good

  24. This should be all Barcelona goals

  25. God of football….. Siempre Messi

  26. we so bleesed to have Messi in our era. GOAT arguement is now settled, Truely the best ever

  27. O melhor jogador do mundo e de todos os tempos Rei do futebol mundial

  28. this is a very short video

  29. valverde out

  30. 2019 ⚽

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