Playin Soccer: Every goal scored en route to the UEFA Women's Champions League final

Awesome Tip: Every goal scored en route to the UEFA Women's Champions League final

Barça Women are in the final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League in Budapest, after eliminating Bayern Munich, LSK Kvinner, Glasgow City and Bzy Kazygurt. Eighteen goals have been scored consecutively, without conceding, since the first leg of the Round of 32.

Toni Duggan (5), Patri Guijarro (2), Lieke Martens (2), Kheira Hamraoui (2), Mariona Caldentey (2), Marta Torrejón, Aitana Bonmatí, Andressa Alves, María León and Alexia Putellas have all found the net. Below we review all of those goals from a historic UEFA Women’s Champions League campaign.
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  1. Reply

    No salah
    No firmino
    No problem

  2. Reply

    No 4-0 upload???

  3. Reply

    Still wating for the 4 -0 highlights

  4. At least the women’s team made it

    Unlike us men getting clapped 4-0 after beating 3-0 Liverpool

  5. Reply

    Wait did Lyon beat Barca like 5:1

  6. Reply

    Just gonna ignore the fact that you got obliterated in the CL

  7. Reply

    Fake Valverde

  8. Reply

    Womens Team Playing A Lot Better And Barca Way Than Men's Team… That's How Barcelona Play.. Show Them How It's Done…

  9. Reply

    Women should have played against liverpool

  10. Reply

    valverde out

  11. Reply

    Fuera Valverde! Valverde out!

  12. Reply

    Valverde out

  13. Reply

    Ahí si ganaron 4 a 0 al Liverpool.

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    Liverpool won the match without a proper left back for 45 minutes

  16. Reply

    This is real DNA Barça.

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    Fuck Valverde and his boyfriends. I'm done with that shit.

  18. Reply

    Top three manager
    1.Ten hag (ajax)
    2.Wenger (free)
    3.Xavi (Free)
    Vote now

  19. Reply

    respect women. like if u respect our ladies .

  20. Reply

    Traigan a Ten Hag porfabor

  21. Reply

    Son el hazmerreír de Europa y del mundo! JAJAJAJAKA

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    I'm afraid of R.m!!

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    Nélson Semedo is much better than freaking Roberto, the catalonian, Messi buddy fraud.

    • Oscar
    • February 20, 2021


  25. Reply

    Valverde Out

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    What happened that night, allegedly leaked by Aleña to a journalist.

    Before the game, while Valverde was explaining the lineup and plan, Piqué was the only one who interrupted Valverde because he didn’t agree to his plan.

    Valverde’s plan was to kill Liverpool’s energy by playing slow, boring football. Piqué then said to Valverde, “You can’t play like this in England.”

    Valverde then replied with, “Geri don’t interrupt and let me finish.”

    At half time, Messi, Ter Stegen and Vidal joined in with Piqué not approving of Valverde’s plan.

    Vidal then told Messi, “We’re getting knocked out believe me we’re getting knocked out.”

    When being subbed out, Vidal kicked the benches and insulted Valverde, loudly.

    After the match, Messi went into depression, Ter Stegen was clearly crying and the rest went to the dressing rooms immediately.

    Lenglet told Rakitic, “You’re a disaster. What were you doing out there? Were you with them or us?”

    Suarez wanted to be subbed off at half time for Malcolm so they can play long balls and take advantage of Malcolm’s speed. Valverde refused.

    Busquets asked for Arthur to take Rakitic’s place.

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    If our women win . They should stand on top of the bus with the trophy while the men walk in front of it as they tour round the city . This is what our men's team deserves . Good Luck Barca Femini

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    Atleast our girls are doing the job and are playing unlike how we are looking at the goals scored against us and being lifeless with no reaction

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    Need team work &cordination

  30. Reply

    I love Lieke Martens

  31. Reply

    Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

  32. Reply

    4 – 0

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    Valverde OUT!!!

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